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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #51


Study Time! Latest Articles From

February 9 · Issue #51 · View online
Your weekly update featuring some of the latest studies published on

Novel Coronavirus Likely Stays Infectious On Surfaces For Up To 9 Days, Study Warns
Happy Meals: Making Positive Change To Diet Also Helps Ward Off Depression
Survey: Many Women Feel ‘Trapped’ In Their Relationship Due To Financial Dependence
’19th Century Miracle Cure’: Marijuana Enthusiasts Woefully Uninformed About Benefits, Survey Shows
Regularly Eating Meat (Even Chicken) Not Good For Heart Health, Study Warns
Major Step Forward In Farming: Scientists Develop Cold-Resistant Corn
Seniors Who Keep An Active Social Life May Live Longer, Study Finds
Darker Summers Ahead? Fireflies Are Facing Extinction, Study Says
21st Century Morality: Religious Beliefs Make People Falsely Think They’re Addicted To Porn
Posting Strong Opinions On Social Media Can Ruin Your Chances Of Being Hired, Study Finds
Facing A Complex Decision? Narrow Your Choices Down To Two, Study Suggests
Children With ADHD Often Skip Their Medications, Study Finds
Don’t Fake It: Study Finds Remaining Authentic At Work Results In Greater Productivity
No Safety Net: 2 In 5 Americans Would Struggle To Pay Off $400 Bill
Born Kind? Researchers Prove Altruism Begins In Infancy
Performance Booster: High-Tempo Music Can Make Exercise Easier, More Beneficial
Overweight Dogs Live Shorter Lives, Study Finds
Nurses Face Increased Risk Of Suicide, Alarming National Study Confirms
Always Groggy? Waking Up To Melodic Alarm Better For Alertness Than Beeps, Bells
Unexpected Findings: Partisan Politics Actually Helps Congress Pass Bills, Study Says
Suffering Torn ACL Causes Harmful Changes In Brain Structure, Surprising Study Finds
Death Sentence? Just A Few Days Of Solitary Confinement Increases Post-Prison Risk Of Dying
Brand Awareness: Survey Ranks Top 30 Most Recognizable Logos In The U.S.
Study: Virtual Assistants Aren’t Helpful When It Comes To Addiction – Yet
Gray Seals Discovered Clapping Underwater To Attract Mates, Ward Off Rivals
College Students Use More Marijuana In Legalized States, But Also Binge Drink Less
Cyber Crime To Go: Study Finds E-Scooters Vulnerable To Hacks, Data Theft
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