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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #50


Study Time! Latest Articles From

February 2 · Issue #50 · View online
Your weekly update featuring some of the latest studies published on

Super Bowl Parties: Most People Enjoy The Snacks More Than The Game!
Study Debunks Myth That Sex Trafficking Surges During The Super Bowl
Next Health Crisis? 30 Years After Asbestos Ban, Mesothelioma Deaths Just Now Peaking In Italy
Living Near A Major Road Linked To A Host Of Neurological Disorders
Feel-Good News: Powerful Drug Combo Offers Potential Osteoarthritis Relief
Strep Throat Bacteria Inching Closer To Antibiotic Resistance, Doctors Warn
Ringing The ‘Cancer Bell’ Can Do More Harm Than Good For Patients, Study Finds
Zinc Lozenges Don’t Shorten The Common Cold, Sniffly Study Finds
Audi Aggression: Conceited, Self-Absorbed Men Most Likely To Drive ‘High Status’ Cars
Maybe Next Year: Average American Gives Up On New Year’s Resolutions By Feb. 1
Man’s Next Friend? Study Finds Squid And Dog Brains Are Similar
For NFL Players, Position & Career Length Play Key Roles In Long-Term Brain Health
Neutral Navigation: Men No Better At Reading Maps Than Women, Study Finds
Survey: Talking To Kids About Tech More Dreadful For Most Parents Than Talking About Sex!
Buzzworthy Study: Wasps Have Evolved To Recognize Faces
Order Up! Study Finds An Egg A Day Perfectly Fine For Heart Health
Racial Discrimination In The Mortgage Market Hasn’t Waned Over Past 4 Decades
Dark Days Ahead? Global Satisfaction With Democracy Hits An All Time Low
Study: More Independence At Work Reduces Risk Of Lower Back Pain
More Than Looks: Getting A ‘Nose Job’ Takes Years Off A Woman’s Face Too, Study Finds
Secure Skies: Flying Commercial Airlines Has Never Been Safer, Study Finds
A.M. Anxiety: Third Of Commuters Stressed Out — Before Even Stepping Foot In The Office!
Menopause & Memory: Hot Flashes Impair Recollection Skills, Study Suggests
American Households Waste Nearly A Third Of Their Food, Study Finds
Honey & Vinegar: Teacher Praise Over Punishment Results In 30% Greater Student Focus
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