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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #43


Study Time! Latest Articles From

December 15 · Issue #43 · View online
Your bi-weekly update featuring some of the latest studies published on

Is 40 The New 60? Survey Reveals Most Adults’ Bodies Start To Break Down In Their 40s
Jogger’s Delight: Any Amount Of Running Linked To Significantly Lower Risk Of Death
‘It’s Not Enough To Be Smart’: Students With High ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Get Better Grades
Winter Workout: Seniors Should Maintain 10K Daily Steps To Maintain Muscle, Avoid Weight Gain
Holiday Blues Got You Down? Study Says Avoiding Sweet Treats May Help
Digital Deception: 9 In 10 Americans Have Been Victimized By An Online Scam
New Study Puts Aspirin’s Health Benefits In Question: Daily Dose May Do More Harm Than Good
Paradigm Shift: 3 in 4 Believe Natural Remedies Like Cannabis Are Safer Than Prescriptions
Major Oversight? U.S. Child Care Centers Rarely Require Flu Vaccinations For Kids Or Employees
Blood Pressure Drug May Help Problem Drinkers, Curb Harmful Effects On Brain From Alcohol
Survival Mystique: Study Reveals Toad Mimics Deadly Viper’s Looks & Behavior
Study: Long Naps, Sleeping For More Than 9 Hours Increases Stroke Risk
No Bread In Bed: Study Suggests Refined Carbs Can Trigger Insomnia
Vexed Voters: 8 In 10 Americans Say Politics Are BIGGEST Source Of Stress In Life
Study: Finding Meaning & Purpose In Life Essential To Physical, Mental Well-Being
Myth Busters: Researchers Find The Antidote To False Beliefs
Are You A ‘Cat Whisperer?’ Study Finds Select Few Can Read Felines’ Faces
Survey: 91% Of Americans Don’t Trust Other Drivers On Roads During Winter Weather
Study: Even Minimal Alcohol Use Associated With Higher Cancer Risk
Study: Single Dose Of Ketamine Reduces Heavy Drinking, Harmful Urges
Permanent Hair Dyes, Straighteners Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer
Study Finds You May Be To Blame For Fake News — And Not Even Know It
Rock & Roll Neurology: Playing The Drums Changes Brain Structure, Study Finds
Personality Plays Powerful Role In Retirement Spending, Study Finds
Play Sports For Sharper Mind: Study Finds Athletes Have Healthier Brains Than Others
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