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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #39


Study Time! Latest Articles From

November 17 · Issue #39 · View online
Your weekly update featuring some of the latest studies published on

For Older Adults, It’s The Quality Of Friendships, Not Quantity, That Improves Well-Being
Heightened Risk: Taller People More Likely To Develop AFib
Study: Muscle Mass In Middle Age Tied To One’s Risk Of Heart Disease Later On
Hate The Taste Of Vegetables? Your Genes May Be To Blame, Study Finds
Songs For The Heart: Listening To Instrumental Music While Driving Eases Cardiac Stress
Can’t Avoid The Seasonal Blues? Joining A Yoga Class Boosts Positivity, Reduces Depression Symptoms
Flu Shots Help Prevent Early Death In Heart Disease Patients — Yet 1 In 3 Skip Vaccination
Competitive Edge: Putting On A ‘Game Face’ Can Improve Performance, Stress Recovery
Microplastics Detected In Pacific Oysters And Clams — And Yoga Pants Are To Blame
Friendships Improve Health, Even In Birds! Study Finds Sociable Crows Are Healthier Than Loners
Study: Anthrax A Powerful Weapon — In Fight Against Cancer?
Make Too Many Mistakes? Meditation May Make You Less Error-Prone In Work, Daily Tasks
Study: Quitting Facebook Can Lead To Higher Grades For Teens
Food, Shelter, WiFi? Study Says Free Internet Should Be A Basic Human Right
Equal Minds: Study Finds No Gender Differences In Child Brain Development, Math Skills
Familiarity Breeds Flavor: When We Know Where Our Food Comes From, It Tastes Better
Not Performing CPR On Unconscious Stranger A Greater Legal Risk Than Providing Aid, Study Finds
Reason To Smile: Happiness Is The Most Dominant Human Expression, Study Finds
Study: Falling Asleep, Staying Asleep Growing More Difficult For Americans Each Year
Study: Giving Birth Raises Woman’s Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke
Which One Are You? Psychologists Identify Four Distinct Personality Types
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