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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #26


Study Time! Latest Articles From

August 18 · Issue #26 · View online
Your weekly update featuring some of the latest studies published on

Older Adults Scammed More Often By Relatives Than Strangers, Study Finds
Having A Horrible Boss May Actually Mold You Into A Great One, Study Finds
Study: A Little Weight Lifting Goes A Long Way For Heart Health
Thanks Alexa! Study Warns Digital Assistants Could Make Children Less Polite
New To Investing? You May Be Better Off Picking Stocks At Random, Study Finds
Look For The Light: Fluorescent Glow May Be Key To Finding Alien Life
Study: Veterinarians, People Who Treat Animals Face Higher Risk Of Mental Health Issues
Sphere Of Influence: Partisan News Much More Likely To Sway Casual Viewers
Study: Live Longer By Eating Apples, Drinking Tea Every Day
Having Multiple Husbands Can Be Beneficial In Tough Times For Some Women, Study Finds
Moral Masculinity: Testosterone May Actually Make People More Sensitive To Moral Norms
Popular ADHD Drugs Ritalin, Concerta May Change Structure Of Children’s Brains, Study Finds
Survey: 6 In 10 Avoid Medical Help Despite Health Issues; Average Adult Hasn’t Seen Doctor In 3 Years!
Separation Anxiety: Digital-Free Travel Elicits Emotional Rollercoaster, And Then — Liberation
Study: Diarrhea-Inducing Bacteria C. Diff Evolves Into New Strain That Thrives In Hospitals
Gun Control Study: ‘Set’ Of Laws Needed To Effectively Reduce Shootings
Not Into Meditation? Filling Yourself With Awe May Bring Relaxation Amid Uncertain Moments
Study: 1 In 300 People Are ‘Extreme’ Early Birds By Nature
Study Blames Disturbing Rise In Teens Who Need Glasses On Excessive Screen Time
Careful, Moms & Dads: Children Notice Just About Everything, Study Finds
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