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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #144


Study Time! Latest Articles From

October 26 · Issue #144 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Horseback riding is the most dangerous sport, study warns
Dogs can develop ADHD just like humans, study finds
90-minute naps can help boost motor skills and memory
Ancient footprints discovered in Greece may be at least 6 million years-old
Why are some people naturally stronger athletes? It mostly comes down to genes
Prehistoric crab found perfectly preserved in amber after 100 million years
Lab-grown ‘mini-brains’ open door to better treatments for dementia, ALS
Children who spend lots of time in nature see greater overall development
Boys don’t cry? Survey finds men actually weep more than women — 4 times a month!
Ancient life discovered INSIDE a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby!
More dairy leads to less falls, fractures among older adults
COVID-19 vaccines offer nearly complete protection against death from the Delta variant
Vikings landed in America 1,000 years ago — at least 471 years BEFORE Columbus!
Eating more nuts can increase the odds of beating breast cancer
Wooden knife 3 times sharper than stainless steel utensils can carve through steak like butter
Male infertility cure? Scientists create new sperm cells using monkey stem cells
Common antidepressant shows no benefits, higher risk of death for dementia patients
Sibling rivalry: 1 in 2 adults still argue and compete with their brothers and sisters
Over 99.9% of studies agree — humans are causing climate change
People with lower-pitched voices more dominating, outgoing, open to casual hookups
Mid-30s crisis: Americans feel most stressed in their lives at age 36
E-cigarettes don’t help people quit smoking tobacco, study says
Men with high testosterone are more likely to cheat, study suggests
Common ‘kissing disease’ among teens may trigger multiple sclerosis
Cloudy with chance of asteroid? Scientists may have underestimated the violent beginning of Earth
Most remote workers judge how co-workers’ home offices look in video calls
Blind woman able to see shapes again using groundbreaking brain implant
Will permanently banning extremist influencers detoxify social media?
A 6-minute treatment could improve memory and movement in dementia patients
1 in 5 Americans started holiday shopping last month amid rising prices, supply chain issues
No magic needed: Eating mushrooms may improve mental health, lower depression risk
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