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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #143


Study Time! Latest Articles From

October 17 · Issue #143 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Unexpected radio signals detected in deep space may reveal hidden planets
Eating more nuts and seeds linked to a longer life
Scientists discover prehistoric girl in Indonesia, new type of ancient human
Is whole milk worse for kids than low-fat milk? Study puts end to dairy debate
Your brain stays ‘younger’ than your actual age if you’ve got healthy blood pressure
Over half of those diagnosed will develop ‘long COVID’
Eating highly-processed foods for a month can lead to memory loss
That after-work beer or nightly glass of wine may boost your risk of cancer
‘Broken heart’ syndrome becoming more common in women
Prehistoric poop fossils reveal Austrians drank beer, ate blue cheese 2,700 years ago
Playing ‘active’ video games can be just as healthy as jogging
Grim new study shows how nuclear war smoke would spell end for mankind
The pandemic made crossing the street much safer for frogs
Many scientists receive death threats after speaking about COVID, survey reveals
1 in 3 men would give up watching football to get rid of their belly fat
​​Did humans start smoking more than 9,000 years earlier than previously thought?
Astronomers discover which planets will survive the death of our sun
Windy day? The odds of COVID exposure increase without a face mask
There are nearly 50 harmful effects linked to social media use
Most Americans have witnessed discrimination against people with disabilities
Antioxidants in your diet can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
‘Dry scooping’ challenge turns pre-workout powder into a dangerous TikTok trend
Thousands of unknown chemicals discovered in e-cigarettes
‘Quite rare’ discovery: Biofluorescent fish found in the Arctic for first time
Was Christopher Columbus tipped off? Italians may have known about North America 150 years before him!
PC Halloween: Here are the costumes parents agree no kid should wear while trick-or-treating
Zoom Thanksgiving again?!? Most Americans still planning for virtual Turkey Day
‘Forest bathing’ improves mood and positivity, decreases anxiety
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