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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #142


Study Time! Latest Articles From

October 10 · Issue #142 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Wash your hands: Diarrhea-causing bacteria C.diff is ‘everywhere’
Living on a busy road is bad for your heart
Having a sense of purpose linked to better memory
For cancer patients, a powerful tumor-fighting weapon is available for free: Exercise
Scientists discover the reason why women feel colder than men
Revolutionary hydrogel tablet can purify a liter of river water in an hour
Fire and brimstone: Sodom and Gomorrah perhaps destroyed by ‘cosmic fireball,’ evidence shows
‘Class clowns’ may also be the most intelligent students
Mild COVID-19 infections leave long-lasting symptoms up to 8 months
Fur-ever love: 3 in 5 people consider their pet a ‘soulmate’
Screen time linked to higher risk of nearsightedness in young people
Are Spotify playlists biased and costing artists money?
COVID-19 reinfection likely for the unvaccinated
Sibling bullying linked to poor mental health years later
1 in 3 Americans say they’re open to abolishing or limiting the Supreme Court
Constipation drug prucalopride could boost memory
Got gas? Poor mental health may be the reason you’re breaking wind
Having deep conversations with strangers can improve your well-being
4 in 5 college students have trouble concentrating after switching to remote learning
When ya gotta go: Older men admit peeing in soda bottles, shoes if they can’t hold it
Eating foods rich in iron could prevent heart disease
Climate change is actually making Earth dimmer
Prehistoric peacock? Scientists discover ‘pintailed’ bird that lived alongside dinosaurs
The higher your BMI, the greater your risk of developing cancer
Aspirin may help COVID patients avoid ventilator, lowers risk of death
Living the dream: 7 in 10 Americans ‘love’ their job
Elephant calves benefit most from having big sisters
‘Creative destruction’: Today’s snakes trace back to a few survivors of the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs
DIY disaster! It takes 5 hours of home improvement failures before people call for help
Helpful ‘life hacks’ save 4 hours of work every week, especially for parents
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