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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #141


Study Time! Latest Articles From

October 3 · Issue #141 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Keeping old cars longer can help the environment MORE than buying new electric cars
World’s oldest beer? Traces of 9,000-year-old brew discovered in ancient Chinese pottery
Drinking tea helps lower blood pressure
Here’s how to relieve the stress coming from after-hours work emails
Nearly half of older adults say bedroom life much better now than in their 30s!
Happiness during young adulthood can protect against dementia later on
Zapping people’s brains could boost their memory
COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the biggest drop in life expectancy since WWII
Kids who eat more fruits, vegetables have better mental health
Diet soda may actually lead to weight gain by causing brain to crave more food
Autism cases skyrocket by 787 percent in just 20 years, study reveals
In sickness and in health: Married couples often suffer from the same medical conditions
Impaired vision linked to a higher risk of death
Giant penguins waddled around Atlantis-like lost world 30 million years ago
Too much fat may cause you to lose your hair
There’s a ‘hidden cost’ of being Black in America, study says
1 in 8 say loved ones with opposing COVID views won’t get holiday gifts
Junk driving: How your diet can impact your chances of being in a car accident
Exercising too close to bedtime can result in a bad night’s sleep
Anger over an accusation doesn’t mean that person is guilty, study says
Triple masking? Scientists say 3 layers provide the most protection against COVID viral droplets
Cruise ships can produce more carbon dioxide than 12,000 cars, scientists warn
School success often leads to ‘vicious cycle’ of perfectionism, depression
Common osteoporosis drug may protect patients from developing diabetes
People synchronize heart rates while listening to stories together
Biotechnology moves one step closer to making 3D-printed human organs
Police brutality leaves a long-lasting detrimental effect on victims
No aliens on Mars? Planet may have been too small to sustain life
Don’t double-dip! 3 in 5 would end a date over annoying food habits
More women dealing with menopause symptoms turning to cannabis
We love points! Credit card rewards programs making cash a thing of the past
The cure for COVID-19 may come from bats
Fussy eater in the family? Here are tips to make dinner stress-free
Average parent gets just 17 MINUTES of relaxation each day when vacationing with kids
Digital hoarders: 3 in 5 people hardly ever delete photos from their smartphones
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