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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #138


Study Time! Latest Articles From

September 12 · Issue #138 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

20 years after 9/11, first responders at Ground Zero now developing COPD
Anti-aging drug combo could prevent back pain -- for decades!
Bored often? Having too much free time is bad for health
Your mental health may depend on what’s in your diet
Office work can lead to asthma, study warns
Socializing (even by phone) can improve mental performance among older adults
Squirrels have personalities too — just not as many as humans, study reveals
Antioxidant drug cysteamine reverses condition that triggers heart attacks, strokes
Your commute to work can predict if you’ll contract COVID-19
Cashless economy? Doing away with paper money could benefit average Americans
Marijuana use at ‘historic high’ among college-aged adults
Cats have 7 distinct personality and behavioral traits, researchers find
Young people who recover from COVID are not left with weaker lungs
Brand name prescription drugs are costing Americans billions more than generics
Emojis may be the new way patients and doctors communicate
3 in 5 Americans think it costs too much money to live a healthy life
College-educated women more likely than ever to have first baby before marriage
Does ivermectin work for COVID? There’s not enough ‘quality’ evidence to show either way
Artificial intelligence does a better job of finding hidden signs of breast cancer
An avocado a day keeps belly fat at bay in women, researchers say
Viruses, bacteria can stay on your hands if you don’t wash them for 20 seconds
High-fat diets throw off your body clock, leading to obesity
Groundbreaking bionic arm brings sense of touch back to amputees with prosthetic
COVID vaccine division: Despite more people getting vaccinated, others are still ‘wait and see’
Omega-3 fatty acid can stabilize memory in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Chewing gum can prevent gut complications after heart surgery
Social stress & social media may lead to population, fertility declines
Your eyes may reveal whether or not you have heart disease
Walking pace may predict risk of death in cancer survivors
It takes over a week to recover from 10 days of insufficient sleep
‘Reconnecting to work’ is the key to success as a manager, leader
Time flies: Most Americans are refusing to let summer go this year
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