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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #137


Study Time! Latest Articles From

September 5 · Issue #137 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Men who mumble a turn-on for women? Voice study says it’s true
Being overweight may actually protect against life-threatening infections
Putting off retirement may keep your brain sharp in older age
Ivermectin overhyped: Review ‘does not support’ use of drug for COVID-19 treatment, prevention
7,000 steps a day can slash risk of early death by 70 percent
Alcohol and AFib: A single glass of wine or beer immediately boosts risk of irregular heartbeat
Mental health crisis for teachers? Over half considered calling it quits during COVID
Back to school: Getting kids back into classrooms can help prevent obesity
Cavalier King Charles spaniels at greater risk of heart problems than other dog breeds
Is your neighborhood key to a long life? People who live on tree-lined blocks have fewer heart problems
Merlin the Magician legend casting spells for 800 years, medieval parchments reveal
Cartilage in your nose may be the cure for osteoarthritis
Double vaccination cuts the risk of long COVID in half
Ancient ‘killer whale’ with four legs, long snout unearthed in Egypt
Scientists discover the inexpensive secret to making ‘perfectly smooth chocolate’
Mondays and Tuesdays named the worst days for porch pirate thefts in America
Cocktail of statins, aspirin, and blood pressure drugs cuts risk of heart attacks and strokes by half
Suffering Zoom fatigue? Researchers suggest turning off your camera
Harmful ‘forever chemicals’ rampant within indoor air, study reveals
Cutting sugar down in packaged foods could save millions of Americans from heart disease, diabetes
Setting realistic exercise goals may be the key to weight loss
Moving to the city helps older adults live longer
Dogs can actually tell when people do something on purpose or by accident
Many U.S. workers unaware of COVID-19 sick leave protections
New species of lizard discovered in area once controlled by terrorists and drug cartels
Ending prices with .99 can backfire for stores, study reveals
Better brainpower with age: Some mental abilities actually improve after turning 50!
Flu vaccine candidate may provide universal protection against influenza strains
No more UTIs? Duke researchers develop vaccine that could prevent urinary tract infections
People with nut allergies may really only be sensitive to birch pollen
Bottled water only, please: 1 in 4 refuse to drink from tap — despite knowing it’s safe
Vast ‘waterworlds’ known as ‘Hycean planets’ could be hosting alien life
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