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Study Time! Latest Articles From

August 29 · Issue #136 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Cancer’s ‘Achilles’ heel’ discovered by scientists
Pecans can dramatically reduce bad cholesterol and fat levels
New drug may be a cure for both COVID-19 and herpes
Hot & heavy: Sunlight brings out romantic passion
Saturated fat from meat may be worse for your heart than other foods
Smartphones and watches may interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators, FDA warns
How long does COVID-19 take to spread through one household?
Video is first ever to catch a ‘vegetarian’ giant tortoise hunting, attacking and EATING a seabird
How 3 glasses of red wine each week and a daily dose of berries can improve blood pressure
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day may be key to healthy heart for decades
COVID-19 is most transmissible 2 days before, 3 days after symptoms appear
Mediterranean diet can help men dealing with erectile dysfunction
People often avoid feeling compassion for others because it takes too much effort
High cholesterol fuels cancer growth, makes disease impervious to cell death
This plant-based burger goes ‘Beyond’ the others when it comes to smelling like real beef
COVID-19 kills patients using an enzyme similar to neurotoxins in rattlesnake venom
Your eyes may reveal signs you have Alzheimer’s disease
Night shift workers significantly more likely to develop AFib, study shows
Catching COVID-19 during pregnancy could make unborn children more prone to diseases
For women, key to self-confidence and healthy mind may be a strong group of friends
Your sense of smell is stronger when you’re hungry
Exposure to tobacco smoke as a baby causes the body to age faster
Another pandemic like COVID-19 likely to strike within 60 years, study warns
Majority of Americans now ‘accept’ evolution, study reveals
1 in 4 young adults believe they work harder than previous generations
Online calculator predicts when older adults will die
Rotten eggs: Americans end up throwing out $1,500 in wasted food every year
Most pet owners prefer telling deepest secrets to their furry friends than other humans
Chicken wings top ribs as Americans’ favorite spicy BBQ food
Mentally stimulating jobs may help prevent dementia later in life
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