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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #134


Study Time! Latest Articles From

August 15 · Issue #134 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

White bread not so bad after all? ‘Fast carbs’ won’t make you fat, study says
Just 10 percent of children outgrow ADHD in adulthood
Human metabolism doesn’t really slow down until age 60, study says
Eat yogurt every day to keep Alzheimer’s away? Probiotics, strong gut health may prevent dementia
‘Pear-shaped’ people are better protected against dementia thanks to ‘beige’ fat
Fear and its impact on human behavior is keeping COVID-19 from going away
Revenge is a dish most prefer to serve hot and fast, study reveals
Vaping e-cigarettes just once dramatically raises oxidative stress levels
Vitamin K — both from meat and leafy greens — provides great protection for the heart
Children get two-thirds of their calories from ‘ultraprocessed’ foods
Put your phone away: 3 in 5 people sleep better after taking break from digital devices
Snubbing friends to look at a phone linked to mental health issues
Fossil remains of ‘fearsome beast’ discovered in Australia: ‘Closest thing we have to real life dragon’
Resistance training triggers a unique process that helps you burn fat
Don’t shower every day? 49% actually agree with stinky bathing advice from celebrities
COVID-19 burden leading to more violence at protests, distrust in government
All men and women created equal: Differences in brain size between sexes are ‘tiny and inconsistent’
Mystery behind our thoughts revealed: Scientists find ‘gatekeeper’ of conscious awareness
Amazonian tribe may hold key to having highly healthy brain, avoiding dementia
Flu shots may protect against severe complications from COVID-19
Climate change may cause volcanic eruptions to be far more devastating
Filipinos descended from an ancient human species alive during the Ice Age, scientists reveal
Breakthrough baldness cure? Scientists develop dissolvable patch that reverses hair loss
Renting clothes? Gen Z consumers more willing to wear recycled clothing than own it
Cats prefer a free meal rather than working for their food
Nearly half of Americans turn camera off during Zoom meetings over appearance insecurities
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