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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #132


Study Time! Latest Articles From

August 1 · Issue #132 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

200 repurposed drugs offer hope for preventing, treating COVID-19
Key to living past 100 may hinge on your gut health, study of centenarians shows
Eating plenty of colorful fruit and vegetables can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland among countries most likely to survive collapse of global civilization
Forget condoms? Scientists develop male contraceptive that uses magnets, nanoparticle injections
Weird, noodle-like amphibian discovered in U.S. for the first time
Taking longer breaks helps the brain remember more
Plant extract that gives perfumes their floral scent may help cure Parkinson’s disease
Exercise helps kids expand their vocabulary
Bees get buzzed off caffeine just like humans — and it makes them better pollinators
Common weed with gluten-like proteins may be mixing in with gluten-free foods
Half of unemployed job seekers are frustrated they can’t find a good fit for work
Relaxing pandemic restrictions may lead to vaccine-resistant COVID variants
Love or money: Couples who disagree on savings, investments twice as likely to divorce
New treatment helps the immune system kill cancer cells
Mysterious dimming of Betelgeuse indicates the supermassive star is dying
Simple mouthwash test for COVID just as accurate as nasal swabs
Motivation depends on how fatigue gets processed by the brain
‘Shark Week’ may actually be doing more harm than good for sharks: ‘Enormous missed opportunity’
Breastfeeding even for just a few days linked to better blood pressure among children
Air pollution from household products, traffic exhaust may be killing 10 times more people than previously thought
Eye scan could determine whether COVID patients will be ‘long haulers’
Loneliness is driving more older adults to use opioids, prescription drugs
Social media not as toxic as we think: Most posts ‘support’ causes rather than ‘oppose’ them
Skipping one mammogram ‘significantly’ increases risk of death from breast cancer
Back-to-school shopping spree: Parents spending $843 per child to prep for in-person learning this year!
Is a hot dog a sandwich? Summer cookout survey settles the debate once and for all
Nearly 3 in 5 people have ‘completely’ changed perspective on finances due to pandemic
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