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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #130


Study Time! Latest Articles From

July 18 · Issue #130 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Dogs ‘just get’ humans in ways other animals can’t, evolutionary scientists conclude
PHOTOS: ‘Galactic fireworks display’ captured by astronomers reveals the birth of new stars
More than 200 COVID ‘long hauler’ symptoms identified, many lasting beyond 6 months
Playing cards, other games can help prevent Alzheimer’s for up to 5 years
Common prescription drugs may increase risk of antibiotic resistance, study warns
X-rays may help create new type of cancer treatment, kills tumor cells in days
Amazon rainforest may actually be fueling global warming, surprising study reveals
Eating whole grain breads and rice can reduce waist size, heart disease risk
Over 100 harmful chemicals found in children’s plastic toys
‘Aging clock’ that predicts disease and death developed by scientists
Covid patients with 5 symptoms in first week of infection are more likely to be ‘long-haulers’
From like to love: Two-thirds of romantic couples start out as friends
‘Zapping’ the brain could be pain-free way to get rid of OCD, dangerous addictions
‘Missing link of fireflies’: 100-million-year-old light-producing beetle found preserved in amber
The ‘Jaws’ effect: Movies are hindering efforts to save endangered shark species
Too many antibiotics early in childhood may impact brain development
Eating yogurt and other fermented foods can help prevent diabetes, inflammation
Alcohol linked to more than 740,000 new cases of cancer in 2020
Laugh-cry emoji still the most popular in the world, even if younger people are over it
1 in 3 women shave their armpits less during pandemic — and many plan to keep it that way!
Runners should stop leaning forward so much to avoid overuse injuries
No crock: Alligators can grow their tails back if they get cut off!
Climate has changed the size of human bodies — and even our brains
Memories of past whereabouts are frequently faulty
2 in 5 adults so obsessed with staying young they’ll try fictional anti-aging treatments
1 in 3 parents ‘feel ill’ when trying to help their kids with math & science
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