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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #129


Study Time! Latest Articles From

July 11 · Issue #129 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Warning: Common prescription drugs may increase risk of developing antibiotic resistance
COVID-19 cure already discovered? Ivermectin ‘can end this pandemic’
Eating just 5 prunes a day reduces risk of heart disease, inflammation
5-minute breathing exercise lowers blood pressure better than working out, medication
Elderly ‘SuperAgers’ have memory skills ‘nearly identical’ to 25-year-olds. Scientists now know why.
Lottery incentives don’t lead to more people getting COVID vaccinations
Brain waves reveal why men take more risks than women
Loneliness takes up to 5 years off an older adult’s life
Power dictates happiness in relationships, study concludes
Leonardo da Vinci still has 14 living male descendants, new family tree shows
Gender bias in science? Research authored by women cited far less than male-led projects
Empty wallet, broken heart? Midlife money troubles linked to heart problems
BFFs for the brain: Older women who have best friends are less likely to be stressed out
No inheritance? Young adults say they’re fine with older generations spending all their retirement savings
Bacteria in a cow’s stomach may rid the world of plastic pollution
Exercising for just 10 minutes at least twice a week helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
Border security and quarantines need to be common practice to prevent future pandemics, study warns
Prescription drug Vyvanse significantly lowers brain sluggishness in adults with ADHD
Scientists uncover how your nose knows to sneeze
Just 3 straight nights of poor sleep causes ‘great deterioration’ in mental, physical wellbeing
3 in 5 adults admit they ‘fake it until they make it’ when it comes to things they don’t know
Blood pressure levels in your past may be more important to current heart health
Keto diet may help starve cancerous brain tumors
Chemical ‘switch’ discovered that may be the trigger for Alzheimer’s disease
Prehistoric skull unearthed in Israel may be evolution’s ‘missing link’
Intelligent aliens are most likely living on planets with an Earth-like tilt
Handwriting leads to faster learning than typing or watching videos
People who start losing their teeth more likely to develop dementia
Nearly 60% of women have called out of work because of painful period cramps
Average American hit peak ‘financial recklessness’ at 22, but didn’t ‘grow up’ until after 25
Kids are NOT ‘too clean’ for their own good, immune system study reveals
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