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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #128


Study Time! Latest Articles From

July 4 · Issue #128 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Happy Fourth of July from your friends at StudyFinds! Please drink responsibly: research shows that 50 million Americans are harmed annually due to another’s drinking. Have a safe and fantastic holiday!

‘Superhero’ vaccine based on Olympic athlete DNA could provide ‘body-wide genetic upgrade’
Longer life guaranteed? Study shows humans will likely reach 124 years-old this century
Organic diet linked to higher intelligence among children
Could hearing aids be key to a longer, healthier life? Study shows hearing loss speeds up physical decline
‘Life-changing’ inflatable implants may cure severe back pain without need for surgery
Smart technology is NOT making people dumber, study claims
COVID-19 origin study: ‘Very surprising if animal was initial source,’ scientist concludes
Chocolate for breakfast? It just may help you burn fat better, believe it or not
How to make kids eat more vegetables: Serve them bigger portions, study says
Scientific breakthrough may reveal the secrets of dark matter in space
Artificial intelligence can tell how many years younger someone looks after a facelift
Multidrug-resistant bacteria less likely to be found on organic meat
Secret sunken continent may be hiding under Iceland, scientists name it ‘Icelandia’
Donald Trump debuts as lowest-ranked living president in C-SPAN leadership poll
Cancer treatment without hair loss, stressful side-effects may be on horizon
‘Dragon Man’ may replace Neanderthals as modern man’s closest relative
Spiders can actually eat an entire snake 30 times their size!
Coffee prices may skyrocket as ‘severe production crisis’ looms for industry thanks to pandemic
The most curious babies may grow up to become the most intelligent adults
Job study: Kids should shoot for the moon, but most may never land their dream job
98 percent of workers experience rudeness at work, but it’s no epidemic: ‘Less like flu, more like cholera’
Older women can cut heart failure risk in half by reducing time spent sitting
Children born via C-section face higher risk of being hospitalized for infections
Average parent wastes nearly 4,000 hours of life mired in ‘brain fog’
UFO incoming! Most believe an alien invasion of Earth is inevitable
Ancient beetle is first insect ever to be discovered — in fossilized poop!
Video games key to winning in real life? Half of Americans credit gaming for their success
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