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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #126


Study Time! Latest Articles From

June 13 · Issue #126 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Cure for cancer and dementia may be in DNA of naked mole rats
People who fear COVID-19 are also more judgmental towards others: ‘It’s an emotional link’
Husbands who don’t help out with household chores more likely to have higher incomes
Music at bedtime can leave listeners with ‘earworms’ that disrupt sleep quality
Omega-3 fatty acid in fish can poison and kill cancerous tumors
Your defining traits started forming in your brain the moment you were born, breakthrough study shows
Obesity and belly fat linked to aggressive prostate cancer
Can your dreams predict the future? They just might — thanks to old memories
Laughing gas can quickly relieve symptoms in people with hard-to-treat depression
Osteoarthritis linked to significantly higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease
Americans don’t know where their national landmarks are — 1 in 5 thinks Niagara Falls is in Iceland!
Secret of the songbirds: How nightingales, skylarks, robins and other birds create their uplifting melodies
‘Mexican variant’ of COVID-19 emerges, has already spread to Europe
Rudeness can lead to serious mistakes in life-or-death situations
Most mass shooters have undiagnosed and unmedicated psychiatric disorders, study reveals
Talking spreads COVID far more than coughing or sneezing, study concludes
Microscopic animal brought back to life after being buried in Siberian permafrost for 24,000 years!
Indigenous people of New Zealand may have reached Antarctica 1,200 years before European explorers
‘Dream team’ duo of drugs may cure COVID-19 entirely
Too much caffeine can lead to blindness in people at high-risk for glaucoma
‘FEVER’ pitch: New MRI approach improves detection of arm injuries among MLB pitchers
Gluten-free generation: Number of children with celiac disease doubled over past 25 years
Puppies are born with ‘human-like’ social skills, wired to communicate with people
Transcendental meditation can help teachers build resilience, prevent burnout
Personal soundscapes full of familiar noises may improve quality of life for dementia patients
Half of young adults think one-night stands will be thing of past after pandemic ends thanks to ‘virtual intimacy’
Bad moods lead to bad habits: 2 in 5 adults seek out food when having a rough day
Tech-savvy seniors: 1 in 3 older folks now prefer sending texts, emoji, GIFs over phone calls
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