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Study Time! Latest Articles From - Issue #125


Study Time! Latest Articles From

June 6 · Issue #125 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Tibet rising: Earth’s highest region has actually gotten even taller
Sweet! Just 2 servings of fruit a day can significantly lower diabetes risk
‘Prescription to sit less’ may save millions from high blood pressure, cholesterol problems
Genetic study finds the brain is most similar to — testicles?
Banned from game night: ‘Monopoly’ leads to the most fights among family, friends
More children battling vision problems thanks to rise in screen time during pandemic
Tai chi just as effective as regular exercise for older adults trying to reduce belly fat
This plant used by North American Indian tribes to make war paint could kill deadly breast tumors
Living on a busy road could trigger Parkinson’s disease, study warns
Tea prices could spike as climate change makes India’s monsoon season even more severe
Spread the pride! Two-thirds of LGBTQ community feels representation in media is lacking
Stone Age ‘dance parties’ used animal teeth for making music 8,000 years ago
Popular at-home DNA tests ‘extremely poor’ at finding rare genetic disorders, often give false negatives
Path to success: ‘High-impact practices’ are key to landing a job after college
How to ask for a prenup: Study reveals best way for couples to have prenuptial agreement talk
Adding fish oil supplements to your diet can help lower breast cancer risk
Sunscreen breakthrough keeps skin healthy, offers ‘amazing anti-aging effects,’ and helps coral reefs thrive
World’s glaciers are melting faster than ever before, researchers reveal
Nearly half of COVID-19 patients leave hospitals in ‘worse condition’ than they arrived
Memories will fade as you age, until only the basic gist remains
Lose weight and remember more? Intermittent fasting may improve long-term memory
No joke: Nearly half of Americans think dinosaurs STILL roam the Earth!
Half of people in relationships say current partner is WORST in bed they’ve ever had
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