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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #187


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

September 18 · Issue #187 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Excess blue light exposure from screens can trigger early puberty in children
Daily multivitamin helps keep seniors’ brains sharp, may ward off dementia
Expressing gratitude may be true key to happiness, survey suggests
Secret to a long, healthy, fit life — is a handful of walnuts every day?
How to find a job on LinkedIn: Form plenty of ‘weak ties,’ study suggests
Troubling times: ‘State of the world’ keeps 1 in 5 Americans up at night
How to get a crying baby back to sleep: Taking a 5-minute walk does the trick!
From crush to true love: Study reveals what turns romantic feelings into relationships
Stock prices go up when firms hire Black CEOs, study says
Just 37% of dogs always respond to their name — compared to 52% that jump up for the word ‘treat’
Best Mattresses Of 2022: Top 4 Beds Most Recommended By Leading Experts
Violence hits ‘epidemic proportions’ in pandemic-era California, study shows
Drinking tea significantly slashes risk of diabetes — but only if you’ve had 4 cups
Average child age 6 or under has just 4 friends, according to parent survey
Estrogen patches, supplements boost effects of strength training for menopausal women
Poverty-stricken farmers say God makes their economic decisions
Are you a jerk at work? The key to good behavior in the office is self-reflection, ‘moral efficacy’
Tattoo ‘patch’ made from microneedles offers pain-free alternative to getting inked
Who would use a sex robot? Study identifies personality types more open to ‘artificial love’
COVID-19 increases risk of developing Alzheimer’s in older adults within one year by 80%
How to score more goals in soccer: Scientists find ‘sweet spot’ for perfecting various kicks
Generational asthma: Secondhand smoke can cause breathing issues — for a young boy’s future kids
‘Game-changing’ obesity drug cuts risk of diabetes in half
Dinner bad for brain? Eating only during daytime slashes risk of anxiety, depression
10,000 steps a day is key to better health — but so is how fast you’re walking
Children show skepticism over things parents or teachers tell them as early as age 6
Early risers who stay active throughout the day day are happier, mentally stronger
Viagra an anti-cancer drug? Erectile dysfunction medications may help treat esophageal cancer
Getting an annual flu shot may also lower the risk of stroke
Older adults have only 4 friends they can count on, survey shows
Does your dog have an allowance? Average pet owner spends nearly $300 a month!
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