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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #186


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

September 11 · Issue #186 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Brush and floss every day to keep Alzheimer’s disease away, doctors say
From back pain to allergies, the average adult is battling at least 4 health issues
Making this 30-minute daily change in your life will leave you feeling happier, healthier
Brain-eating amoeba helps scientists better understand basic building blocks of life
Calorie confusion: Eating a big breakfast does not help with weight loss
Vitamin D supplements do nothing to protect against respiratory infections, studies reveal
NASA’s James Webb Telescope captures stunning images of ‘cosmic tarantula’
Men more likely to take financial risks and gamble after getting good news from a fortune teller!
Cancer on the rise globally among adults under 50
Most extremist posts online come from a small clique of ‘hyper-posters’
PMS mood swings, anxiety a global public health issue, researchers say
Crab-powered cars? Scientists create a sustainable battery made from shellfish
Snorers face significantly higher risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia
Humility is the key to effective leadership, study concludes
‘Lazy stoner’ myth debunked? Marijuana users show same levels of motivation, ability to enjoy pleasure
Melanoma cure? Scientific breakthrough opens door to treatment for most severe form of skin cancer
People with blood type A more likely to suffer stroke before age 60
Students who take notes by hand have higher GPA, remember more than those who type on digital devices
CBD for kids? Cannabidiol shows promise in treating young people with chronic anxiety
Leaving lights on or toilet seat up top list of most common arguments for couples
Pain primer: Here are 5 ways to help kids deal with bumps, bruises
Hearing ‘I love you’ doesn’t bring as much happiness — as watching your favorite team win?
Clinical trial testing new monkeypox drug for adults and children
Fraternity hazing rituals don’t actually help students bond with each other
Ultra-processed junk snacks dubbed ‘gateway foods’ to teen obesity
That’s rich: More Americans think they know finance today, but is it really true?
Manuka honey could help treat potentially fatal lung infection
Chlamydia has a ‘cloaking device’ that helps the STD spread around the world
New fertility treatment on the horizon after breakthrough finds key to fusing sperm to eggs
A child had their left foot amputated 31,000 years ago and lived — rewriting medical history
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