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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #185


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

September 5 · Issue #185 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

The 4 ‘tiers’ of grilling: Which BBQ favorites make it into ‘God’ level this Labor Day?
Having a hard time standing up could signal heart disease in seniors
Digital aging: Too much blue light from screens makes you grow old faster
Give me a break! Short, regular breaks boost energy levels at work
A priceless layer of diamonds may be hiding near the Earth’s core!
American employers increasingly open to hiring workers with criminal records
Rapamycin, drug typically used in cancer therapy, emerges as powerful anti-aging remedy
Good news for diabetics: A pill could soon replace insulin injections
Your immune system ‘prepares for battle’ just from seeing sick co-workers
What is digital self-harm? Kids who bully THEMSELVES online more likely to attempt suicide
Failing anatomy! 2 in 3 adults don’t know their blood type, many can’t locate their heart!
How to kiss — according to science: Most humans ‘wired’ to tilt head to the right!
School parking lot more dangerous for kids? 1 in 3 fear rushed, distracted parents put children at risk
Smoking even worse for heart health than previously thought
God bless: Strongly religious people have a more satisfying love life
Average child spends less than an hour a day doing physical activities, parent survey shows
Margarita lovers best in the bedroom? Here’s what your favorite cocktail says about your love life
No pain, no gain: Heart benefits of taking statins outweigh risks of muscle pain
Demand for plastic surgery skyrocketing, with women under 45 leading the way
Stem cells’ hidden power could help cure paralysis from spinal cord injuries
Pre-teens addicted to social media and digital devices highly likely to develop a behavioral disorder
The unhealthiest way to sit: ‘Intellectually sedentary’ people at higher risk of dementia
Climate inflation? Global warming could lead to spikes in wheat prices
Post-9/11 veterans enjoying ‘similar or better’ health than civilians, study says
Mankind ‘woefully underprepared’ for a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that devastates civilization
Yoga app may also cure urinary incontinence, study concludes
Not funny: Terrorist propaganda using humor to send harmful messages, study reveals
Commercial weight loss plans really do help people slim down, study says
Helping doesn’t help: Policies that promote ‘distributive justice’ don’t benefit society
Scientists are sending a balloon to space to find 2 mysterious cosmic particles
Hit drama ‘This Is Us’ changed how the world talks about Alzheimer’s for the better
Afraid of growing old? 7 in 10 agree that life actually gets better as you age
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