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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #184


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

August 28 · Issue #184 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Here’s why being active in your community is key to preventing dementia
Use paper towels! Shocking video shows how much bacteria is lurking inside electric hand dryers
New ‘polypill’ combines aspirin and statins to save more people after a heart attack
Love and secrets: Hiding small, innocent purchases from partners can actually benefit relationships
Woman credits rescue dog with ‘detecting’ and alerting her to breast cancer tumor
‘Gamer rage’ in children: Study reveals what causes kids to lose control while playing video games
Racial wealth gap reality check: Minorities earn 7-10% less than White counterparts — at same company
How much you trust your doctor can dictate how much pain you’ll have during procedures
The green planet? Perseverance discovers Mars isn’t as red as we think!
Eating junk food may be the reason you’re feeling anxious or depressed
Unprepared for disaster: America’s urban planners haven’t learned from Hurricane Katrina
Math error in a 100-year-old equation is changing everything we know about perceiving color
Smelly science: Animals use the physics of odors to track a scent
Want a higher salary? Acquiring new skills is more important than having connections
Saw palmetto supplement for prostate health: High-quality extract an effective treatment for men
‘Synthetic’ embryo with a brain and beating heart created by scientists
You’re in control: Exercise outweighs genetics when it comes to longer life
Psychedelic drugs change outlook on life as much as near-death experiences
Parents attached to digital devices more likely to yell at their kids, are less ‘present’ in their lives
Taking statins for cholesterol? It’s better for your heart if you stay on them for life
Beetle larvae for dinner? Scientists cook up the perfect meat alternative recipe using mealworms
Kids who eat bacon and eggs for breakfast more likely to have behavioral problems
Want to live to 100? 10-minute daily walks can get you there, especially if you’re over 85
Is tattoo ink really safe? Scientists discover chemicals that ‘potentially cause harm’
Mesothelioma cure? Tiny ‘drug factory’ implants successfully destroy lung cancer tumors
Obsessively watching the news can make you mentally and physically sick
Common painkillers could send diabetics to the hospital with heart failure
Do you have a secret twin? Strangers with similar faces share many gene variants
Losing just an hour of sleep makes you less likely to help others
Continental drift could end up wiping out most creatures living in the deep ocean
Being more physically active does not help girls lose body fat, study says
Scientists uncover why so many pair coffee with cigarettes in the morning
Gifted dogs more playful than the average pup, study reveals
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