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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #183


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

August 21 · Issue #183 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Best nature photos for 2022 include mind-controlling ‘zombie’ fungus infecting a fly
Fireproof wood? Scientists develop invisible coating that could revolutionize construction industry
Spreading positivity: Random acts of kindness more powerful than people realize
Hero cat saves life of owner suffering heart attack, backing research that shows pets will aid people in distress
Psychedelic revolution? Over 5.5 million Americans now use hallucinogens, study reveals
First U.S. Navy ship sunk by the enemy in World War I is finally found, ending 105-year mystery
Dangers of ‘sharenting’: How parents sharing too many pictures online are putting their kids at risk
Meet the WALKING shark that breaks all the rules for survival!
Love a summertime nap? That’s because temps above 77 degrees put people to sleep, study says
Monkeypox Update: Virus can now reportedly jump from humans to dogs
Why is lying on your right side the best posture for absorbing medicine in pills?
Playlist for success: People who listen to music while studying have higher GPA
Key to drinking less alcohol — is using a smaller glass, scientists conclude
Mysterious, minion-like creature with no anus is NOT the earliest human ancestor, scientists say
What is breadfruit? Scientists say this superfood could save the world from climate change
Mosquitoes have evolved to ensure that they can always smell humans
The Science Behind Success: 12 Keys To Achieving Goals And A Happier, Healthier Life
How to build bigger biceps: A little exercise each day boosts muscles more than one big weekly workout
Digital hell: Young parents’ inability to handle kids’ screen time habits leading to more arguments, family tension
What is thirdhand smoke? How even handling a smoker’s clothing could lead to cancer
Music can relieve pain — as long as you get to choose the song you’re hearing
Nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would cause 5 billion people to die — of hunger
Trendy IV nutrition therapy to help athletes recover faster may be doing far more harm than good
Holocaust museums and other forms of ‘dark tourism’ spark motivation for social change
Omicron overrated? Most patients with this COVID variant don’t even know they’re sick
Your ‘digital footprint’ might shock you: Average person posts 10,000+ times on social media in their lifetime
Cold weather, northern climates linked to more cases of diabetes in dogs
COVID myth debunked: Musical instruments don’t spread the virus more than normal speech
Two new species of scorpions discovered by California high school students
Read and thrive: Here’s why parents agree books are the key to raising a more creative child
New nasal spray shows ability to prevent seizures and protect against Alzheimer’s
Virtual trips to museums can help older adults overcome frailty, social isolation
‘You look great!’ Average person tells 4 lies per day, survey shows
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