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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #182


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

August 14 · Issue #182 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Japanese children walk differently than other kids — because of their healthy diet
What is a mortgage? Just 49% of Americans actually know, survey shows
Massive voter turnout study points to a very bad November for Democrats
‘Crowning glory’ of studies discovers how to lose weight and keep it off
Smart contact lenses can examine chemicals in tears to diagnose cancer
‘Always watching you’: New insect discovered in amber had 360-degree vision!
Ringing in your ears? New smartphone app delivers ‘life-changing’ cure for tinnitus
Study explains why thinking hard makes people feel tired
Vitamin D supplements help treat depression, study reveals
Study claims doctors aren’t warning young women about the dangers of anal intercourse
Blindness cure discovered? Implant made from pig skin protein restores 20:20 vision to patients!
Chili Peppers: 6 Surprising Health Benefits From This Spicy Food Favorite
Hold the salt for a longer life? Why opting for other seasoning could add years to your lifespan
Cat owner tired of his feline bringing home dead animals creates AI-run flap to put end to problem for good
Banana peels could be the secret ingredient for healthier, yet similarly delicious sugar cookies
What role does willpower really play in avoiding temptation?
Female monkeys help explain why friendship helps us live longer
Digital devices don’t make kids hyperactive — they help hyperactive kids maintain alertness
Asthma cured in two weeks? Targeting one protein in the airways could unlock ‘permanent’ treatment
How to calm your dog in the car with music: Play some reggae or soft rock hits
Relax to save your brain! Leisure activities can significantly lower dementia risk
New drug eliminates over 300 kinds of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
So long e-books? Augmented reality is the future of hybrid paper books, researchers say
Your posture can affect how your stomach absorbs medicine in pills, study reveals
It’s not a compliment to praise a woman’s social skills at work, study suggests
3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids does wonders for high blood pressure, study reveals
Sponges took the first ‘sneeze’ in history more than 600 million years ago
Robot’s movements in a curved space break the laws of physics
Hot nights caused by climate change will likely send death toll soaring this century
Number of healthy-weight children going on diets has nearly tripled in 2 decades
Plus-size models fueling demand in butt lifts and breast implants, study claims
Locust brains can ‘sniff out’ cancer cells, study reveals
Average young adult finally takes car into shop — after 8th warning light
Back to school — for adults? 4 in 5 wish they could go back and fix their college experience
‘Family dinner’ a thing of the past? Average person spends just 3 meals a week with loved ones
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