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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #180


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

July 24 · Issue #180 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Bear blood contains ‘superhero’ components that preserve muscle mass during hibernation
Could Zoom save the United States?
‘Holy grail’ of blood tests could diagnose any type of cancer years in advance
Charcoal supplements before eating high-fat foods could prevent weight gain
Power of belief: Spirituality linked to ‘healthier life, greater longevity’
Decapitated Egyptian mummy’s head found in a British attic undergoes CT scan by scientists
Microscopic robots made from white blood cells using light could treat life-threatening illnesses
Exercise can’t compensate for a poor diet, study says
Bizarre pink light fills sky in Australia, leaving residents ‘buzzing’ with theories
Dangers Of Aspirin: 7 Reasons Drug Could Do More Harm Than Good, According To Studies
COVID-19 virus could be hiding in the meat in your freezer for weeks
Kids who play sports are happier, healthier than those who go straight to their screens
Taurine supplements could be the key to reversing the aging process
Stay in your league? Study claims couples with similar ‘desirability’ more likely to stay together
Hummingbirds possess most colorful feathers among all birds — including shades people can’t even see!
First-of-its-kind spray protects surfaces against bacteria, viruses
One-time HIV treatment on the horizon after gene-editing breakthrough
‘Smart necklace’ that tracks your health through sweat created by scientists
Five-second rule? Half of Americans would even eat food from floor after 10 seconds!
Transgender children 3 times as likely to deal with mental health problems
A banana a day could improve blood pressure and heart health for women
Sweet dreams: Meet the mattress that tells your body when it’s bedtime
Feeding dogs raw meat could be bad for YOUR health
Risk of miscarriage increases dramatically during summer, study reveals
Scientists uncover widespread mislabeling among over-the-counter CBD products
Healthiest Drink In The World? 5 Terrific Health Benefits From Tea, According To Science!
Telehealth abortions? New study provides ‘roadmap’ for women’s health services online
Scientists create a solar-powered tower that makes carbon-neutral jet fuel
Doctors could soon diagnose eye diseases by studying your tears
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