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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

June 12 · Issue #177 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

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Being an optimist can add years to your life
You may be an adult — but your liver is just 3 years-old!
Eye health may directly regulate how long someone lives
Mysterious radio signals detected from dead star 3 billion light years from Earth
Plastic food packaging and containers contain chemicals causing cancer, infertility, gene mutations
Bad dreams may be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease, study says
Old morning sickness drug that caused birth defects repurposed to prevent strokes
Robotic flesh? Scientists create living skin for covering robots
New injectable gel significantly reduces chronic lower back pain
Bluetooth signals have unique ‘fingerprints’ hackers can track for less than $200
Adults sleep better together than they do alone, study concludes
Knee replacements more prevalent in younger people, with obesity crisis to blame
Eating more fish may raise your risk for developing skin cancer
‘Fantastic’ giant tortoise species long believed extinct found alive and well on Galápagos Islands
Political ‘mortality gap’: People living in Republican counties more likely to die early
Prescription for nothing? 7 in 10 doctors give patients unnecessary antibiotics for asymptomatic infections
Born with a moral compass? Even babies know to punish antisocial behavior
Older adults may be better at listening than most assume, study finds
Drinking coffee linked to lower risk of kidney damage
Dinosaur discovered on the Isle of Wight may have been the largest land predator in Europe
Dogs became ‘man’s best friend’ thanks to a gene that lowers stress
New theory attempts to answer why humans don’t always make the best decisions
Drinking milk increases a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer
Mass shootings a ‘uniquely American problem’ — over 70% take place in United States
‘Every doctor, nurse needs 20-minute nap during night shifts’ to ensure patient safety, study suggests
Lottery secrets: 83% wouldn’t tell their own family if they won the jackpot!
NASA to launch ‘priority’ mission exploring mysterious domes on Moon’s surface
Transplant patient cured of cancer after doctors keep donor’s liver alive in world-first procedure
High price of U.S. cancer care fails to improve odds of survival
‘Star Wars’ was right! Aliens may be living on planets with two suns
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