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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #176


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

June 5 · Issue #176 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

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Rats fitted with tiny backpacks are being trained to help earthquake survivors
Optical illusion mystery: 1 in 7 don’t see this black hole ‘moving,’ and scientists don’t know why
Alarming rise in number of children attempting suicide by poisoning, report warns
Mosquitoes learn to dodge pesticides — after single exposure
When should you exercise? Time of day leads to different workout results
Lack of sleep can make others look less attractive to you, study shows
Giraffes grew longer necks to battle mating rivals, mysterious fossil suggests
Dial 988? New mental health hotline is coming — but officials say they’re not ready
How someone’s brain is wired predicts which political party they support
Opening a champagne bottle creates ‘supersonic shock waves’
Good deeds cure bad seeds: Study sheds light on how to change dark personalities
Children playing team sports less likely to suffer mental health problems
Coffee drinkers live longer, especially if they add a spoonful of sugar
Too much self-confidence can be harmful to your health, study warns
Does growing up in poverty predict poor health in the future?
New compound destroys hard-to-treat cancers, targets previously undiscovered weakness
Unhappy, overworked doctors more likely to be sued for malpractice
Older adults who regularly drink alcohol have a better quality of life before and after surgery
‘Virtual babies’ who grow up in real time will be commonplace by 2070, expert predicts
Children who attend schools along loud, busy roads more likely to be slower learners
Ruins of 3,400-year-old lost city uncovered in Iraq from extreme drought
Great white sharks may have wiped out the biggest shark in history
That bites! 8 in 10 delivery workers admit to eating a customer’s food
Labels on cannabis products are mostly misleading, study warns
Heart disease can trigger dementia, scientists warn
Summer bummer: 56% of Americans fear they can’t afford vacation this year due to inflation
8 in 10 millennials think they grill better than the parent who taught them
Two-thirds of men think they’re ‘naturally healthier’ than others
Previous COVID infection does not protect children against Omicron, study says
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