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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #175


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

May 30 · Issue #175 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Going for a 10-minute power walk every day could be secret to long life
‘Groovy’ music can boost brain performance, study reveals
New disease affecting the kidneys and liver discovered
Summer of love handles! 6 in 10 Americans are more attracted to men with a dad bod!
Breastfeeding for years is best? Longer nursing leads to smarter children, study shows
Paralysis cure discovered? Drug developed to treat lung disease repairs spinal cord injuries
7 simple habits can cut Alzheimer’s risk in half
Humans hear just as well as seals underwater, study reveals
Hummingbirds could go extinct as they move to escape global warming, study says
Warming testicles only slightly can lead to male infertility
Generation broke: 1 in 5 college students have less than $100 in the bank!
Robotic crab tinier than a flea becomes the smallest-ever remote-controlled robot
Do young children need the COVID vaccine? Scientist says it’s OK to wait
Teens with access to guns have a higher risk of suicide, study warns
Just one egg a day can keep heart disease away, study says
Your porch light — and even smartphone — can make monarch butterfly ‘GPS’ go haywire
Team chemistry is the key to success — even in the operating room
Study: Primary factor in gun violence is accessibility, not mental illness
Men in their 60s more likely to die from heart problems on warm summer nights
2 in 3 adults avoid social events — because they’re embarrassed about their financial struggles
Elderly folks who ‘live in place’ have better health, longer lifespan than nursing home residents
Smartphone app can measure clotting from drop of blood, could ‘prevent millions of heart attacks’
Volcanoes on the Moon may have left plenty of drinking water for future astronauts!
Class divide: Wealthy people feel ‘entitled’ to buy expensive, unsustainable goods
Goldfish an environmental menace? Study suggests popular pet threatens biodiversity
COVID vaccines have no effect on fertility, pregnancy outcomes, study reveals
Are mothers of twins more fertile? Study finds it’s just a myth
Even ‘safe’ levels of alcohol consumption can lead to heart failure, study warns
Social media users enter a ‘dissociative state’ — lose track of time and reality
Slashing carbon dioxide emissions alone can’t stop climate change, study warns
Watching less than one hour of TV a day could lower heart disease risk
Do Republicans and Democrats really hate each other? Not as much as you think, study says
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