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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #174


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

May 22 · Issue #174 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Deep-sea mineral water could be a potential cure-all for the brain and kidneys
Prehistoric poop reveals what was on the menu at Stonehenge 4,500 years ago
Brain-altering parasite makes infected people MORE attractive to others, study says
Edible ‘tape’ ensures your burrito or wrap will never fall apart again!
Not a filter? New study changes everything we know about our kidneys!
Real estate 2022: Here’s how much space $400,000 buys you in the biggest U.S. cities
New weight loss method rewires ‘instinctive desire to eat’ in dieters
Solar power at night? New study suggests it may be possible
Smart contact lens could replace eye drops, prevent blindness for glaucoma patients
Victorians dealt more extreme weather than Brits today? UK study shows record rains, droughts marred 1800s
Adopting these healthy habits can add years to your life — even in your 80s
Aches, anxiety, exhaustion — oh my! Adults feel good just 47% of the time, poll reveals
Eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce ADHD symptoms among kids
Pet praying mantis market thriving as fascinating insect surges in popularity
New security method can detect, neutralize cyberattacks in less than a second!
New Google headquarters flaunts ‘first-of-its-kind dragonscale skin’ solar panels for optimal energy efficiency
Snacking on cranberries builds memory muscle and keeps dementia away
NBA study: Physical violence may be down, but ‘symbolic violence’ is rising
Bird brain activity reveals the differences between being fearless and fearful
Hugs from partners reduce stress levels in women — but not men
Cholesterol-fighting statins help ward off depression, study finds
Infertile men are at greater risk of developing breast cancer, study warns
Scientists develop new ‘smart pacifier’ for newborns
Moon soil could be turned into rocket fuel to power missions to Mars, scientists suggest
Love & travel: 1 in 5 people met their future spouse on vacation
Poor eyesight may be commonly misdiagnosed as cognitive decline, study says
Frighteningly accurate child robot that has seizures and bleeds could help doctors save lives
New Orleans ranks as genital herpes capital of U.S. as scientists discover why virus keeps coming back
Anger over Facebook outages reveals how dependent a person is on social media
Office outrage: Sending emails ‘most frustrating task’ of the workday
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