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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #173


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

May 15 · Issue #173 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Why do we have weird dreams? Turns out they’re quite good for your brain
Eating carrots, celery protects you from toxins in cigarette smoke, air pollution
Doorway on Mars? Photo by NASA rover stirs curiosity online
There’s a tax-free way to invest in small businesses — but 87% say laws too hard to figure out
French revolution? Half of Americans think life in France is better than in the U.S.
Moon food? Scientists grow plants using soil from Apollo space missions for the first time
Bananas that won’t brown could be on horizon, potentially eliminating tons of food waste
Level up: Playing video games linked to higher IQ in children
Deep-sea researchers discover ‘yellow brick road’ at bottom of the ocean
Drinking coffee could lead to heart disease — depending on how you brew your beans
Is meditation the key to fixing political polarization?
What Spotify and Tinder aren’t telling you: New study plays personal data detective
Candy-coated pills could make it impossible to create counterfeit drugs
‘Groundbreaking’ injection of young brain fluid reverses memory loss in older mice
Male fertility could be restored using tissue frozen for over 20 years!
City-sized lake discovered miles under the Antarctic ice sheet
Too much screen time linked to ADHD, aggression, anxiety in children
Guns now the #1 cause of death among U.S. children, study reveals
Hyundai’s walking cars step closer to reality with opening of $20 million development center
Life-threatening inflammation is turning COVID-19 into a chronic disease
Half-cup of blueberries a day could keep dementia away, scientists say
How to expose a liar: Have them multitask while being questioned
Eating sea squirts reverses signs of cognitive decline and aging
‘Complete lab on the skin’: New health monitor tracks blood sugar, alcohol levels, even muscle fatigue during workouts
TikTok rabbit hole: 45% of adults admit regularly watching ‘oddly satisfying’ videos online
Smoking marijuana raises heart disease risk — but the solution may be in soybeans
That bites: Study finds wearing dentures could lead to malnutrition
Here’s what your favorite candy flavors say about your personality
Are we born vegetarian? Children less likely to see farm animals as food
That stinks: 7 in 10 worry their home smells bad when they have guests over
Cancer cells use octopus-like tentacles to change directions, invade tissue
Exercise not the key to weight loss? Why some people wind up gaining pounds after working out
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