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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

May 8 · Issue #172 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Mothers spend 97 hours weekly on parenting tasks — equivalent to six-figure job!
Mom’s mini-me: 3 in 4 Americans think they’re just like their mother
End of dinner? ‘Landmark study’ shows eating only during daytime could add years to your life
Chili peppers could be the secret ingredient for beating all forms of cancer
Heart attack death rate in U.S. far greater than other high-income countries
Mission heaviness: Obesity poses serious threat to U.S. military readiness, study warns
How to flirt successfully: This ‘works every time’ when it comes to dating
Higher levels of 3 antioxidants found in fruit, veggies linked to lower dementia risk
Roe v. Wade: Studies reveal what abortion ban would mean for women forced to cross state lines
Average consumer cutting 3 streaming services from their lineup in 2022
Marijuana legalization leading to more poisoning cases among pets, study says
Alzheimer’s vaccine made from corn could immunize seniors against dementia
Zen makeover: The direction your bed is facing may be making you sick!
Admitting when you’re wrong on Facebook can save your social media reputation
Genetic breakthrough creates new ear cells which can cure age-related deafness
Alzheimer’s biomarker sparks warning about brain-boosting serine supplements
Vegetarian kids are twice as likely to be too skinny, study shows
Overturning Roe v. Wade would likely ‘decimate’ abortion medical training, study warns
U.S. border wall injuries up exponentially since 2019: ‘Unseen public health crisis’
Student debt increases the risk of heart disease in middle age
COVID-19 can age the brain by 20 years, some patients ‘never fully recover’
Would you trust a robot chef? This innovative one can ‘taste’ food to prepare it exactly as you like it!
Human colonies on Mars could be built out of space bricks made from astronauts’ urine
Study: Older adults no more likely to fall for fake news than young adults
Nursing nightmare: 63% say patients, doctors don’t even treat them like humans
New wearable devices could track your health by the gases you produce
Here’s why learning the sex of your baby sooner than later is key to a healthy pregnancy
Plug-and-play multi-organ chip can personalize medical treatment of diseases
Marine biodiversity faces dinosaur-like mass extinction due to climate change, study warns
Poor sleep prevents dieters from keeping the weight off
Handheld device could identify skin cancers without a painful biopsy
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