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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #171


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

May 1 · Issue #171 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

‘Longevity diet’ may help people live longer by fasting for half the day, banning red meat
‘Forever chemicals’ in many common household items linked to liver damage
Genetically modified lettuce created to keep astronauts’ bones from crumbling in space
Meet the plant virus that may help cure cancer
Hubble Telescope captures heavenly image of merging galaxies forming an ‘Angel’ in space
Are your finances exposed? 2 in 5 Venmo users publicly reveal sensitive information
Adults over 60 should not take aspirin to prevent heart disease, new study warns
Relief at the pump? Scientists develop cheaper green fuel using iron instead of platinum
Watch a plastic-eating enzyme quickly devour trash and save the environment
Pet cats rarely stray far from home, study finds
Not OK: Average man rates his mental health just 6 out of 10, feels down 3 times a week
Aphantasia test: Your pupils can reveal if you have ‘mind blindness’
Ouija mind: 1 in 4 people think a dead loved one is guiding them through life
Nearly 30% of patients battle long COVID. Study shows who’s most at risk
Cell phone radiation causing sharp spikes in Alzheimer’s cases, study suggests
Antisemitic incidents rose dramatically in 2021, alarming new report shows
Stem Cell Magic: 5 Promising Treatments For Major Medical Conditions
Dress to impress? Workers wearing designer brands less likely to be seen as team players
Elon Musk will make Twitter better, according to 79% of users
Why did the monstrous T. rex have such tiny arms?
3 simple steps can cut cancer risk in older adults by over 60%
No seafood or supplements: Walnuts and plant-based omega-3s can also boost heart health
Even minor urinary issues in older men could shorten their lifespan
Mix-and-match vaccines? Scientists say changing brands for your COVID booster provides more protection
5 key childhood risk factors can predict a heart attack or stroke 50 years later
Sleeping for 7 hours is ‘Goldilocks’ amount for middle aged and older adults
Generation la-Z? 1 in 3 young adults never clean up their dog’s poop!
One year later, 6 in 10 patients still battling long COVID symptoms
Scientists discover ‘final building blocks of life’ in asteroids, lending credence to theory behind our beginnings
Get a raise, save your marriage: Study finds a higher minimum wage can lower divorce rates
People who feel more connected to nature eat healthier
Do humans really have more empathy for animals than they do for other people?
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