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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #170


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

April 24 · Issue #170 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

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Organic vegetables regularly contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, study warns
Age-old Oreo mystery solved by MIT scientists: Can the cream be evenly split between both sides?
5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Broccoli, According To Science
Your choice of wine benefits your health in different ways, study reveals
Lack of accountability on crime may explain Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers, study suggests
Walking fast key to a long life? Study links pace to aging
DNA study uncovers 58 new mutations that trigger cancer
Cutting smartphone use by just an hour a day improves well-being for months
Swinging your arms while running does nothing for your speed, study says
Antidepressants show no ability to improve long-term quality of life
New species of millipede named after pop singer Taylor Swift
What’s a micronova? Astronomers discover a powerful new type of cosmic explosion!
Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are 3 times more likely to die than flu patients, study shows
Historic power beam energy test paves way to zap energy to troops from SPACE
Best airline in 2022: Delta tops list, study shows
Multivitamins: 5 Studies That Suggest They’re Not Improving Your Health
Make money while you can! Predicting financial markets is possible, but usually short-lived
Economic apocalypse? 6 in 10 small businesses fear inflation will ruin them
Your morning coffee may be driving endangered species to extinction
Dangers In The Home: 7 Household Products That May Be Harmful To Your Health
Climate change special? Many tourists are going to Antarctica as a ‘last chance destination’
Blueberry juice improves memory, cognitive functions in seniors
The simpler life? Pandemic pushing more city dwellers to move to the country
Scientists issue warning about shockwave therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction
No gender pay gap progress? Women’s earnings still drop significantly following childbirth
Noise pollution in cities to blame for 1 in 20 heart attacks, study shows
55% of Americans never check expiration dates on items in the medicine cabinet
Climate change may be changing the menu at your favorite seafood restaurant
Do you know who Nicolas Cage is? 1 in 8 Gen Z adults admit they don’t
Small gesture, big impact: Study reveals the positive effect of thanking essential workers
Jupiter’s moon Europa may be hiding alien life under its icy shell
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