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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #168


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

April 3 · Issue #168 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Smelly chemicals in your pet’s poop may reveal cancer-causing toxins lurking in your home
Just one avocado a week significantly lowers heart disease risk
Do you live in one of the ‘most stressed’ states? Here’s where (and when) people are super frazzled
Gut feeling: Your diet may be shaping your personality, study says
Staying hydrated cuts risk of heart problems: Here’s how much water you should drink daily
Outgoing people have a harder time coping with retirement, study says
Do prison education programs actually help former inmates land good jobs?
Drinking coffee may help treat ADHD, study says
Pushy parents with high expectations behind rise in ‘perfectionism,’ mental health issues in kids
Women who earn more than their husbands — still end up doing more housework!
Taking omega-3 supplements boosts cancer treatments’ ability to cure disease
Space record: Hubble Telescope spots oldest star ever detected — 13 billion light years away!
March Math-ness! Here’s what the numbers pick as the greatest shot in NCAA Tournament history
Eyes up here! Ogling linked to ‘harmful’ sexual attitudes
COVID can cause lingering brain damage — even in mild cases
Playing golf or tennis during middle age can prevent Alzheimer’s disease
People from the 80s unlikely to marry the first partner they move in with
Google autocomplete helps legitimize conspiracy theorists, study says
Selfies can significantly distort the face, especially your nose
Secret to everlasting love — is combining finances, study concludes
Complete human genome mapped by scientists for the first time ever
Poll: 2 in 3 think Will Smith should be charged for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars
Digital drugs? Many people are using binaural beats to get high, research shows
Avocados for dogs? Study debunks claims superfood is toxic for pets
‘First-of-its-kind’ nasal spray that prevents COVID-19 could be available this year
Naptime for kids helps to boost their reading skills, study reveals
The length of your fingers may determine how sick you get from COVID-19
Artificial sweeteners can increase cancer risk, study warns
Cases of cognitive decline more than doubles in older adults over past decade
61% of drivers admit someone else notices they’re having car trouble before them
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