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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #165


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

March 13 · Issue #165 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Ants can learn to ‘sniff out’ cancer in patients
Lead exposure from gasoline has lowered IQ scores for 170 million Americans
Spectacular images of space phenomena snapped by amateur astrophotographer
Scientists discover new secrets of 2 giant ‘blobs’ inside the Earth’s mantle
‘Drug factory’ implants successfully cure certain cancers in just 6 days!
Be positive, stay young: The secret to healthy aging may be optimism
Green is clean: Ordinary houseplants can improve air quality indoors
Does money buy happiness? Wealthy California towns top list of America’s happiest cities
Scientists create world’s biggest family tree linking 27 million people!
Artificial intelligence reveals these 2 key factors predict if your marriage is doomed
Eternal youth on horizon? Cell therapy may ‘reverse signs of aging’ throughout body in just 7 months
COVID-19 vaccines only cause mild side-effects in 92% of patients, massive study confirms
High-protein diets may decrease testosterone levels in men, leading to ED, fertility struggles
Medicated nation: 1 in 3 people take over-the-counter painkillers daily
Nordic diet lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels — even if you don’t lose weight
New breakthrough in math may help scientists unlock the secrets of the universe
Why can’t we resist checking our smartphones in the presence of others?
No joke: Even humor faces gender inequality in the workplace, study says
Many repurposed drugs show promise as effective COVID-19 treatments
More teens and young adults are overdosing right after getting a prescription for mental health drugs
Bruce Wayne Syndrome: Certain people embrace ‘vigilantism’ as their personal identity
Is Red Wine Good For You? Here Are 5 Potential Health Benefits, According To Studies
Automatic accents: When people expect to hear an accent, they start talking that way
Scientists decode pig grunts to reveal their emotions
No exercise needed: Light physical activity is enough to improve brain health during old age
Hurricanes, extreme weather linked to more U.S. deaths from several seemingly unrelated causes
Oh crap: 2 in 3 people hold it in for HOURS to avoid using a public toilet
Human organs all age at different speeds, study reveals
Amazon rainforest has lost almost all its resilience, reaching an environmental ‘tipping point’
Here’s why legal documents are so hard to read — and how to easily fix it
Does soup count as a meal? Survey on snacking reveals 45% of Americans say it doesn’t
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