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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #163


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

February 27 · Issue #163 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

What happens when you die? Groundbreaking study first to record brain activity during death
New ‘ultra-precise’ atomic clock may unlock realms of physics not yet explored
Maximum temperature human body can bear lower than thought, scientists discover
Groundbreaking quantum gravity sensor 'could revolutionize national security'; 'Will transform society'
Salmon over steak: Eating meat less than 5 times per week reduces cancer risk
Most children under 5 are spending an excessive amount of time in front of screens
Scientists reveal new findings about the last day the dinosaurs roamed Earth
Molds and yeasts in daycares may lead to chronic asthma, allergies
Owning a pet can slow mental decline in older adults
Diseased livers in men undergo a ‘sex change’ as a defense mechanism
Scientists uncover filthy truth: Your kitchen sponge holds more bacteria than a lab Petri dish!
Young and fragile: Far more millennials complain of daily aches and pains than baby boomers!
No beating obesity? Men over 35 blame family and career commitments for ‘inevitable’ weight gain
5 Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate — Yes, It’s Good For You, According To Science
Think fast! Brain performance doesn’t slow down, stays stable until age 60
Armless, but not harmless! Strange new dinosaur fossil discovered in Argentina
Washing dishes, household chores can significantly slash heart disease risk for older women
5 Ways Junk Food Puts Your Overall Health In Danger, According To Science
Viagra for dogs? Famous blue pill may treat potentially fatal eating disorder
Even if they oppose it morally, many Americans will still help a loved one seeking abortion
Feelin’ dirty: More people shower, change sheets than cuddle immediately after making love
Many who died by suicide may have had undiagnosed case of autism, study reveals
20 minutes of daily exercise for older adults the best way to reach your 80s
Heart attack survivors less likely to get Parkinson’s disease later in life
Death by robots? Study finds automation is ruining people’s lives — and raising mortality rates!
5 Ways To Lower High Cholesterol, According To Scientists
Simple memory test could signal Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms show
Being more in touch with nature may cure fear of spiders, snakes
Kitchen fantasies: 6 in 10 home cooks think they could compete on TV with celeb chefs
Dogs really can recognize their owner by their voice alone
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