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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #162


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

February 20 · Issue #162 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Universal blood type organs created in groundbreaking procedure, making transplants available for all patients
Lost world of spectacular prehistoric birds unearthed near the Great Wall of China
‘Functioning fat’ in adulthood may hold the key to a longer life
More attractive people have stronger immune systems, study says
Celebrities more harmful than bots on social media, study finds
Child marriage rules in many U.S. states violate rape laws, study reveals
Here’s why U.S. isn’t sending help to Ukraine — popularity and global treaties, study says
Privacy warning: Simply picking up your smartphone, using apps can reveal your identity
Pimple popping secret revealed: Discovery in the skin may treat acne for good
5 Fantastic Health Benefits From Eating Avocados, According To Scientists
Massive search for alien life among billions of stars comes up empty
Carbon recycling a waste of time? Scientists say most CCU tech incompatible with Paris Agreement
What’s a hedge fund? Most Americans inept when it comes to investing terms
Over 160 genes discovered which can trigger heart disease and heart attacks
Microdosing LSD shows no evidence of improving mood or brain health
Non-invasive laser treatment destroys cancerous tumors in just 5 minutes
Water left over in your reusable plastic bottle? Here’s why you shouldn’t drink it.
Mysterious ‘Blue Blob’ near Arctic may be protecting glaciers from climate change
1,500-year-old parasites help scientists find ‘porta potties’ used by the Romans
Over-the-counter painkillers raise the risk for tinnitus, study warns
230-million-year-old dinosaur may be the ‘missing link’ in the evolution of the famous Brontosaurus
Watermelons offer widespread health benefits, study confirms
Older adults actually have too much information in their brains, creating ‘cluttered memories’
All taste, no buzz: Scientists say they’ve ‘cracked the code’ on perfect non-alcoholic beer
Looking for love? Here’s where you’ll find the most singles in the USA
Mosquitoes prefer biting humans wearing red, orange or black clothes
Statins safer than you think: Study finds doctors ‘over-estimate’ intolerance to cholesterol-lowering drugs
Harder times: 74% of parents think raising kids today much harder than it was for their folks
Bestie over bae: 6 in 10 would rather cuddle with their pet than their significant other!
5 Ways To Lower Dementia Risk – Even If It Runs In The Family – According To Scientists
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