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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #160


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

February 6 · Issue #160 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

‘Supermountains’ may be responsible for creating life on Earth
A Brazilian berry may help treat cancer, study reveals
Black History Month: 2 in 3 Americans say civil rights have significantly regressed
Survey: 55% of high schoolers don’t think college is needed for successful career
Revolutionary material stronger than steel yet as light as plastic developed by MIT scientists
‘Tree of life’ keeps forests alive for thousands of years, scientists discover
Divorce in the genes? Couples therapy more helpful for sensitive people
How long will your dog live? New genetic study hopes to crack the code of canine longevity
Your home’s air quality may be worse than your local office building
New study reveals why COVID-19 often causes loss of smell
More aggressive HIV strain discovered in Netherlands, but experts say no reason for panic
3 in 5 people ‘articulate’ themselves with big words to sound smarter — even if they don’t know the meanings
No more nightlight? Even a dim room can keep kids from getting healthy sleep
Rosemary may help fight COVID-19, other inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s
2 in 3 dating app users more likely to ‘swipe right’ on a profile that shows a pet
Taking fish oil during pregnancy may ensure a smarter, more focused child
Cannabis farms with heavy metals in soil could be creating toxic marijuana products
Exercise can help relieve dry, itchy eyes
Heart attacks could turbocharge mental decline, dementia onset
Lonely teens are more likely to perform poorly in school
Build Back Better botch? 3 in 4 parents don’t think failed bill provides enough paid family leave
All mammals take 12 seconds to poop, study reveals
Abnormal ‘love hormone’ levels may be the cause of sex addiction in men
Nice pups finish last? Friendlier dogs ‘rank’ lower among their fellow pooches
Mysterious link between high blood pressure and diabetes finally solved
New species of ‘incredibly rare’ insect, the leafhopper, discovered in African rainforest
How to tell if your child may be a psychopath: It’s all about laughter, study says
Do bugs feel pain? Scientists finally solve age-old mystery
Here’s why paper towels are 10 TIMES better than air dryers after washing hands
Doctors give patients just 11 seconds to explain reason for visit before interrupting!
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