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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

January 30 · Issue #159 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Astrophysicists reveal absolutely astonishing, unprecedented images of the Milky Way
Taking these supplements can help lower risk of developing autoimmune diseases
Restrictive keto and paleo diets can do more harm than good in the gut
Contagious form of cancer spreading among clams, study reveals
Limb regeneration a reality: Scientists successfully regrow a frog’s lost leg
Injecting fat into your foot could treat severe heel pain
2 blood proteins may hold the secret to living longer
After 20 years, scientists discover the cause of a mysterious solar flare with ‘dark finger-like features’
Cockatoos taught to GOLF! Amazing video shows how scientists bring new meaning to ‘birdie’
Rare respiratory disease much more common than scientists thought
Robot successfully performs the first abdominal surgery — without a human guiding it
Gold rush turning Peru’s ‘pristine’ Amazon rainforests into ‘toxic mercury sinks’
Romance over rivalry? 3 in 4 sports fans would sleep with a fan of their rival team
COVID-19 stress and disruptions are wreaking havoc on multi-child families, study says
Monthly checks to low-income families increases children’s brain development
Plastic chemicals can seep into the body and cause weight gain, study reveals
‘Patriots’ more likely to support wearing face masks, pandemic safety policies, study claims
New condom performs so well, some men say it feels better than not wearing one
Mom was right, marry a doctor! Your spouse’s education can boost your health, study shows
Cell phone usage may damage a man’s sperm, study warns
Broccoli compound causes cell death, opening surprising door to new cancer treatment
Winter danger? 2 in 3 parents let their children go sledding without a helmet
Omicron variant may have originated in mice, study reveals
Antarctica’s native wildlife face serious threat from invasive species ‘hitching’ rides on tourist, research ships
Magnesium-rich foods like avocados, spinach can boost ability to fight cancer
Babies can tell if people have a close relationship — based on their saliva
COVID-19 in pregnant women may trigger fetal inflammation
Climate change threatens future of Winter Olympics: Only 1 prior host city still suitable by end of century?
Billie Eilish’s ‘bad guy’ named the safest driving song — are your favorites too distracting?
Fuhgeddaboudit! 1 in 12 people eat their pizza with a knife and fork!
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