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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #158


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

January 23 · Issue #158 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

The Sun once had rings just like Saturn, study reveals
Pomegranate extract could unlock powerful ‘fountain of youth’ treatment for seniors
Ancient highway network from the Bronze Age discovered in Arabia
Window to the grave: Simple eye test could reveal how long you have left to live
Lead ammunition poisoning undoing population comeback of bald eagles
Quantum computing one step closer to reality after futuristic computers reach 99 percent accuracy
More young adults developing gastrointestinal cancers — and doctors don’t know why
Fatal opioid overdoses skyrocket by nearly 1,900% among older adults, study reveals
Credit crisis: Average American awoken by 3 ‘debt nightmares’ each week
When people ‘click,’ their brains respond faster to each other, study reveals
Hydroxychloroquine shows promise as a treatment for multiple sclerosis
Two-thirds of adverse reactions to COVID vaccine just placebo effect, study says
Students with ADHD are more likely to cheat, study shows
Rural patients less likely to receive critical care, more likely to die from heart problems
Meet the tarantula-killing worm named after ‘Arachnophobia’ star Jeff Daniels
Another mass extinction on Earth is already underway, study warns
Mediterranean diet linked to a longer life among older adults
Milky Way may be home to other Earth-like planets with oceans, continents
Double dose: Pregnant, vaccinated women pass on COVID antibodies to breastfeeding babies
COVID anti-vaxxers more prone to depression, study shows
Pandemic school closures have more negative impacts on kids than just poorer grades
Social isolation could leave older people with fewer teeth
Across languages, ‘rough’ words feature an ‘r’ sound that rolls off the tongue
Ancient bubbles trapped in ice for thousands of years may reveal how quickly glaciers are melting
Quitters! 2 in 3 people have NEVER completed a New Year’s resolution
Despite lack of evidence it treats COVID, ivermectin prescriptions still being paid for by health insurers
Drinking coffee lowers risk of endometrial cancer in women
Follow the leaders: Study finds political parties lead, and voters fall in line
7 in 10 people take their pet’s mental, physical health more seriously than their own!
Everyone’s an entrepreneur: 3 in 5 people think they’ve got the next ‘Shark Tank’ money maker
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