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Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds - Issue #157


Study Time! Latest Articles From StudyFinds

January 16 · Issue #157 · View online

Your latest update featuring some of this week's studies published on

Earliest evidence of humans? Remains found in east Africa 30,000 years older than thought
Dried goji berries can protect your eyes from macular degeneration
COVID-19 patients show more signs of brain damage than people with Alzheimer’s disease
Snot can cure ear infections? Nasal bacteria protects against the common ailment in children
COVID-19 vaccines can add an extra day to women’s menstrual cycles
An extra tablespoon of olive oil helps lower risk of death from cancer, heart disease, dementia!
Scientists find potential cure for arthritis pain by using electricity to regrow cartilage
Chewing your food longer can prevent you from becoming overweight
Common blood pressure drugs may damage a patient’s kidneys
Could marijuana prevent COVID? Cannabis compounds stop virus from entering human cells
Shark attacks more likely during a full moon? Study reveals surprising link
American politics really are making people feel sick, study reveals
Scientists film how the brain makes memories — opening the door for new PTSD treatment
Rainy days really are bad for the economy
Clitoris discovery on dolphins shows they feel pleasure from mating just like humans
Face mask policies really do slow rate of deaths related to COVID-19
Secondhand nicotine vaping linked to higher risk of developing bronchitis
Reading books and listening to music does little to improve well-being, study claims
Largest ‘sea dragon’ fossil discovered fully intact after 180 million years!
Men who live alone, regularly break up with their partners at higher risk of harmful inflammation
American society becoming more liberal than 50 years ago, but voting for more Republicans
Meditating each day activates genes that fight off cancer and viruses like COVID-19
Humans genetically similar to 555-million-year-old animals, study reveals
Gender identity: Girls and boys sound differently as early as 5 years old
Chatbots or real people? Study finds customers only care about ‘perceived humanness’
Climate change can’t be prevented by bringing back Ice Age creatures, study says
Popular baby names come and go — and math may explain why
Talking to kids while they watch TV reduces effects of too much screen time
Two-thirds of parents agree that teaching child to walk was most rewarding milestone
Which food tops the list of best leftovers? Surprisingly, it’s not pizza
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