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What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #6

What's Stitch Into This Week
What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #6
By stitch • Issue #6 • View online
Because life is happening hard, this installment is both late and jam-packed. So for this installment, I’m back to hating on She-Hulk, excited to “Talk That Talk” with Twice, getting on that Partner Track, and immersing myself in some very irregular witches. Spoilers abound.

What I'm Watching: She Hulk: Attorney at Law (Episodes 2-3)
Marvel Studios' SHE-HULK | EPISODE 3 PROMO TRAILER | Disney+
Marvel Studios' SHE-HULK | EPISODE 3 PROMO TRAILER | Disney+
I am trying to like this show. I swear.
But not even a Megan Thee Stallion cameo in the third episode was enough to distract me from everything else about this show that I’m not vibing with. The second episode was marginally better than the first, but the sore spots still sting. I think the dialogue is just… a bit too uncanny? Much like discourse on Twitter, it feels adjacent to how regular people talk but just off enough that my teeth itch? The humor doesn’t necessarily hit its beats and of course… the CGI (as you can see in the trailer up top) remains really… bad?
Yes, I know why. Yes, it’s Marvel’s fault.
No…I don’t really care to cut Marvel that kind of slack?
I will say that I do love the way that episode three has She-Hulk kind of engage with a form of the backlash that we’re dealing with whenever we get a drop of diversity in a pop culture product? I especially love the reminder that plenty of fake nerds didn’t even know She-Hulk existed - and has existed for years - prior to them making 20-30 angry social media videos about how the MCU is ruining superheroes with woman-washing superheroes. That was funny.
By now, you probably know that Megan Thee Stallion appears in the show. She’s made her MCU debut and it’s not… as a superhero or supervillain? It’s as a shape-shifting elf pretending to be Megan - at least before the mid-credits scene. But I will say that the scene with Dennis explaining that he thought he was dating Megan Thee Stallion - this dude is such a worm that I cannot get over this. This show is so wild. I just…
I think I want to keep watching long enough to see if a) Megan Thee Stallion has another longer appearance in the show and b) what’s going on with Daredevil…
But this show is simply… not good? It’s entertaining, I will be clear about that… but I do not understand so much of why this show is so… bad.
What I'm Listening To: Talk That Talk
TWICE "Talk that Talk" M/V
TWICE "Talk that Talk" M/V
I stan Twice and this main single from their newest EP Between 1&2 is just such a fun track. I love the song and the video feels like it was extremely made for me. If you liked “What Is Love” and all of the references in that music video, you’ll absolutely get a kick out of the visuals for this one.
One thing I will say about this track and the rest of the EP - which has good songs including the English track “Queen of Hearts” - is that the live performances are a little… wobbly? Twice, like most girl groups, sing far above their natural speaking register and while you can smooth it out in post production (or the audio equivalent), sometimes for live performances you can hear the squeak and struggle? Which I don’t think is their fault but the fault of their production team for refusing to let them sing at a level they are comfortable at when singing live?
Anyway, I couldn’t remember, but is this Jeongyeon’s first comeback since her health issues and hiatus last year? I know she’s been clearly at the concerts, but I can’t remember if she’s participated in a comeback (including stage performances) since 2021? But I’m very happy to see her and she did such a good job!
What I'm Watching: Partner Track (Episodes 1-2)
Partner Track | Official Trailer | Netflix
Partner Track | Official Trailer | Netflix
I watched the first few episodes of Netflix’s Partner Track the day the series dropped on Netflix and honestly, I loved it? Arden Cho (Teen Wolf) plays Ingrid Yun, a young lawyer trying to make partner at her fancy as hell law firm in NYC. She’s doing the best that she can, but it’s not necessarily enough. Why? Because she’s also dealing with complicated romantic and familial relationships on top of major microaggressions in the workplace. I’ve been seeing the tweets Arden Cho has been retweeting from folks powering through the show and people really click with how Ingrid’s experiences echo their own?
What actually makes the series for me is that it’s not just about Ingrid and her immediate relationships, but that we get to see why the characters around her are the way they are. She’s the focus fully, but she’s also got her two best friends on her side. First is Rachel Friedman (Alexandra Turshen), a gorgeous shark litigation attorney who has a surprisingly sensitive side. Then there’s Tyler Robinson (Bradley Gibson)… who honestly reminds of me of one of my brothers? They have stories separate from hers, that background the decisons she makes and the conversations they have. It also helps Ingrid feel more real as a character to have friends who are fleshed out rather than the CW/Netflix standard where the besties clearly don’t exist when they’re offscreen.
My biggest complaint two episodes in? It’s kind of a silly one. I’m lowkey steamed about the fact that Desmond Chiam (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) is in this show as the son of of a client who can make or break Ingrid’s career… and yet he’s not one of Ingrid’s two love interests?
Instead, Ingrid finds herself torn between Jeff Murphy, a smug and supremely annoying British attorney she slept with six years ago at a wedding, and Nick Laren, a wealthy scion to a famous family who seems super sweet and attentive. While Murphy is played by Shadowhunters second banana Jace Wayland, I cannot pretend I actually find him hot enough for Arden Cho especially when you take the character’s outsized ego and flip-flopping behavior into consideration. The second guy, her actual love interest, is fine… but he’s also currently too much of a… pushover? Anyway, I’m actively hoping Desmond Chiam gets bumped up to a series regular if the show gets a second season.
If you liked Korean legal dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo or Lawless Lawyer or were avidly watching How To Get Away With Murder and All Rise, this is absolutely going to be your kind of show. Partner Track is just such a good show y'all!!
What I'm Reading: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches
I just started "The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches" by Sangu Mandanna and while I'm not quite feeling the male lead, Mika is a doll and super relatable. It's cozy contemporary supernatural story with romance and mystery and kid witches!! 🥰
Sangu Mandanna’s The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches is everything I want in a magical contemporary romance? It’s a very Studio Ghibli-esque romance with very memorable characters. I instantly adored the female lead Miki - who is a baby and my darling - and her love interest Jamie is a pain in the ass but I get it now.
Basically, if you like comfortable and cozy contemporary supernatural romances… you need to read this book? It’s just such a good read, so much fun, and also there are adorable little witchlings and such a massive twist… I’m still thinking of the twist actually!
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