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What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #5

What's Stitch Into This Week
What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #5
By stitch • Issue #5 • View online
This week, we talk about a new-to-me gay isekai series The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter and dig into spoilers for the first episode of She Hulk: Attorney at Law.

What I'm Reading: The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter (volume 1)
I love a good isekai/transmigration story and The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter is a really freaking good story. Based off of an original story (novel?) by Yatsuki Wakatsuki and character designer Kikka Ohashi, this manga features art by Kazuki Irodori. It’s an absolute treat to the senses, truly.
Here’s the summary from Yen Press:
Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, a holy maiden was summoned. Not just any holy maiden—one hailing from modern Japan. But this story is not her story. This is the tale of the humble accountant, Kondou, who accompanied her and his trials and woes as he accounts in a new world… But no tale is complete without a love interest. And who better to play that role than the handsome knight captain Aresh? Will he begin a personal quest to save said bean counter—who toils around the clock—or is Kondou doomed to be married to his work evermore…?!
Kondou is a buttoned-up salaryman with zero understanding of a work-life balance who winds up getting sucked into a distant world when he tries to save a young girl who was being sucked into a portal in another world. Because he’s an “extra”, the other world doesn’t have a place for him, and so he volunteers to become an acccountant in this new world. Kondou is dour and serious, focused on fixing wrongs when it comes to numbers. While people in the other world see him as absolutely uninteresting compared to the teenaged “savior” they pulled from Japan as well, he has charms and a great mind.
I decided to read this book after a TikTok showed the one sex scene and I was like “wow, that’s some great art”. I read a lot of isekai series, but mostly they’re M/F or F/F. This is only the second M/M one I’ve read - after MXTX’s Scum Villain - and I’m really pleased with it. The series has one volume out now and one coming out at the end of the month, and I’m honestly on edge? Because this series has a dark undertone to it that I’m like… really curious about? The politics in this world seem like ass and there are some political figures that I for sure do not trust in how they treat Kondou.
What I'm Watching: She Hulk: Attorney at Law (Episode 1)
Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+
Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+
My expectations for Disney Plus’ She Hulk show were low from the second I saw the CGI, but wow is the actual show so much worse than I expected. Tatiana Maslany is a competent actor, I remember so much of my social media feed loving her when she was in Orphan Black. However, the actual show does her no justice.
The show starts off with Jennifer Walters already living her life in the city as She-Hulk in her lawyer life… We get like ten minutes of that before she breaks the fourth wall and launches us into her backstory about how she became She-Hulk. It’s a first episode that’s about 40 minutes long and half of that, at least, is spent watching Jen figure out how to be She-Hulk. She’s instantly better at being a Hulk than her cousin Bruce is. She’s stronger, faster, more under control, and of course… easier to look at. Considering the low limits of CGI, you’d think they would’ve made Jen a big buff baddie rather than a very large, green barbie doll who can toss a tank.
I also… do not like the dialogue very much. Props to Jessica Gao and her team for taking Shulkie from the comics to the silver screen, but I read that the writing team had a sitcom background and god does it show.
One recurring thing in the first episode, by the way, is Jen is obsessed with whether or not Steve Rogers has had sex before. It’s supposed to be funny, I suppose, but it’s both invasive as hell (because she’s functionally bugging her cousin Bruce Banner about whether one of his friends has ever had sex before) and indicative of how strangely sexless the MCU is.
Back in December, Julia Rittenberg asked the question “Why are MCU superhero movies sexless” for Book Riot:
While there are relationships in Marvel movies, most of them culminate in a chaste kiss that is appropriate to watch while sitting next to your kids or parents. With the Eternals movie featuring Marvel’s “first ever” sex scene, it’s curious as to why Marvel’s dozens of movies have been so sexless up until now.
DC movies aren’t much better, but I knew that Lois Lane and Clark Kent were desperately attracted to each other when I watched the expanded version of Batman vs Superman and in the recent Batman movie, Batman and Selina Kyle have electric chemistry. The MCU, is largely only sexy because fans… make it so. When Jen asks Bruce (repeatedly) about Steve Rogers’ sex life - something that apparently will be continuing across the series -, she’s not just trying to trample over a boundary her cousin has in place… she’s reminding us that no one in the MCU really fucks? Not even the people in relationships. Not even the people who’ve supposedly fucked before. I watched that sex scene in The Eternals like “oh… this is supposed to be… sexy??”.
Anyway, I found the first episode to be a bit of a slog. I don’t like the dialogue, the end credits scene where Bruce tells her that Steve in fact Did Fuck because he thought she was drunk despite being A HULK, or the wonky ass CGI across the episode.
I do like mess though so I will be tuning in and talking shit until I cannot take this show anymore
What I'm Watching: Prey
Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu
Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu
Prey isn’t my first experience with the Predator franchise, but it is easily the best film in the franchise. There’s so much I want to say about this film but I don’t even know where to begin. It is powerful, horrifying, and just perfectly done.
This is what I wish more horror movie franchises did: allow creators to do something fresh and new with the narrative and open the floor to other people. Having Comanche characters front and center and portrayed both accurately and respectfully alongside the bruality of colonialism and the relentless stalking from the Predator… that made this movie really pop. It is unlike any horror movie I’ve seen recently and it fully breathes fresh life into the Predator franchise, showing the iconic “monster” in a new form and giving us a heroine we need to root for in the determined Naru.
This movie was everything and I’m glad I got to watch it with BTS Nieceling, a little horror fan all on her own.
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