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What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #3

What's Stitch Into This Week
What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #3
By stitch • Issue #3 • View online
This week, I’m starting The Sandman, catching up with TXT at Lollapalooza, and going through it over a new Korean webtoon!

What I'm Reading: Daytime Star
After seven years of struggling to catch a break, no-name actress Yura Hwang gets a minor role in a film that’s bound to be a success. Opposite her in this minor role is the leading man Seunghyeon Kang, a man who keeps running into her while she’s crying. He’s seen Yura cry for several reasons - because of the treatment from her fellow actresses, the director being a douche, and her ex boyfriend being… awful - but he finds her tears charming.
I got into this webtoon because a TikTok basically spoiled the confession scene for me and I couldn’t even get mad because Seunghyeon is so attractive about it that I instantly needed to go get my eyes on the webtoon. The energy in Daytime Star is incredible. While they’re fictional characters, they somehow have incredible chemistry? I’m rooting so hard for Yura and Swunghyeon to end up together (like I know they probably will) because they feel like the journey will be worth it and they deserve it.
Sure, I will read any and all webtoons because I enjoy them and they’re increasingly more accessible than comics are, but romance webtoons? Contemporary romance webtoons?
Those are like catnip to me.
Contemporary romance webtoons like True Beauty, A Business Proposal, Semantic Error, and Love Alarm? Literally life changing webtoons-turned-dramas. I can only hope that Daytime Star ultimately gets the drama treatment and comes to the silver screen because 20-ish installments in and I am hooked.
What I'm Watching: The Sandman
The Sandman | Official Trailer | Netflix
The Sandman | Official Trailer | Netflix
I remember the first time I took out The Sandman from the library here in Florida. It’s a series that I think remains integral to my understanding of what fantasy can be like and how worldbuilding could come together with largely deeply unlikeable characters to form an unforgettable story.
While I haven’t reread The Sandman in a while, as we’ve covered… I’m listening to the audio book/play very regularly. So while the visuals are fuzzy, the vibes are fresh and immaculate. Back in the Lucifer days, I was actually one of those people that got mad at the show for not matching the visuals or tone of the original. With The Sandman, I’m actually eager to see actors I know (and that I don’t know) do something incredible.
Meems and I are two episodes in. We’re watching this around Teen Wolf and the latest ongoing Korean drama on our to-watch list and portioning it out because it’s just too good. The Corinthian in particular captivates me - even though Meems screams about him every time he’s onscreen. There’s something so thrilling about seeing characters I grew up with and who inspired me in “the flesh”. I really am going into the adaptation “head empty” for the most part but once I finish my first watch, I’ll turn a critical lens to this bad boy!
What I'm Listening To: TOMORROW x TOGETHER @ Lollapalooza
TXT Live at Lollapalooza 2022 (Full Performance)
TXT Live at Lollapalooza 2022 (Full Performance)
TXT are my dudes!
Meems and I have recently gotten into BTS’s baby brother group TOMORROW by Together! They had the opportunity to play some of their newest and biggest hits at Lollapalooza. TXT are so incredibly high energy and their charms shine through alongside truly amazing talent.
We had so much fun watching them sing to such a hype crowd and singing along as the guys hit their biggest milestone so far was pretty freaking cool!!
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By stitch

I spend a lot of time watching shows, listening to music, and reading as I work. Every week, come take a journey with me through the media that holds my attention when writing... might not.

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