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What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #2

What's Stitch Into This Week
What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #2
By stitch • Issue #2 • View online
While I’m working, I consume a ton of media. Rather than spending my time texting my niecelings about the media I’m consuming and spoiling the heck out of them… I decided to share my thoughts in an easily consumable newsletter format!

What I'm Reading: The Remarried Empress
From Webtoon:
Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way - intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… and I request an approval of my remarriage.” In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?
I stayed up until a ridiculously early time of the morning to catch up with The Remarried Empress on Webtoon. So far, I have made two different TikToks about this wild ass Webtoon. I love mess and I love drama, and what The Remarried Empress provides is both of those things in spades. Navier is a graceful and beautiful empress married to Sovieshu, the emperor of their well… empire. They’d been together forever, from when they were engaged as children. However, Sovieshu has apparently never loved Navier. That’s why, when he comes across the beautiful runaway slave Rashta - The Remarried Empress is set in a fantasy world where uh… slavery as punishment happens - he falls head over heels for her. On the surface, Rashta feels (to Sovieshu) like a refreshing detour from Navier. Rashta is this bright and bubbly baby. She’s tiny and soft and she seems really naive to the world around her… But on the inside, while she doesn’t know anything, Rashta is far more cruel and calculating than you’d expect.
For Sovieshu, who isn’t able to control or lead Navier the way he wants to, basically getting to mold a girlfriend is his ideal. So he installs Rashta as his mistress and forces Navier to interact with her - like how he forces Navier to plan the party welcoming Rashta to high society as his mistress. He takes Rashta’s side in arguments, ignores massive faux pas, and fully pretends that Navier is the worst person in the world. Even though Rashta is the interloper and makes the empire look weak because the emperor is acting the fool over her… He acts like Navier is the problem and mistreats her accordingly.
Enter Heinrey. He’s the heir to the throne of the western kingdom who falls deeply in love with Navier once he sees her different sides. Where Sovieshu sees his wife as an ice queen, Heinrey notices her sensitive sides. He sees her laugh, he holds her when she cries, and he is determined to make himself a home for her heart. I’m a sucker for simps and he sure is one!!
I love The Remarried Empress because Navier is really sweet at her core and determined to be the best empress she can be. She deserves the world and I love that Heinrey is eager to give it to her. I even love the fact that Rashta and Sovieshu are easy to hate. On Webtoon, folks call her “Trashta” and him “Sovieshit”. They’re so awful, almost comically awful. Neither one understands how their predicament is entirely their own fault and they won’t understand because they are TERRIBLE. I could transmigrate into this webtoon and fight them both because they are annoying and evil and they make the worst decisions.
Anyway, if you like political intrigue, slow-burn strangers-to-friends-to-lovers romance, enemies you want to take out yourself, and a fantasy setting… The Remarried Empress is for you.
What I'm Watching: Teen Wolf
Scott being an adorable dumbass for 10 minutes straight
Scott being an adorable dumbass for 10 minutes straight
I love Scott McCall.
That’s my little precious werewolf son. It’s been a decade since I first watched Teen Wolf in my dorm with my best friend A and I am still there, howling at my television as my Best Boy and Werewolf gets (some) shit done. Meems and I are watching Teen Wolf while she and her big sister are visiting - since I temporarily don’t have a (safely) working laptop - and we are having a great time. We screamed literally the entire time, dying laughing at the different supernatural shenanigans!
Teen Wolf is best enjoyed when you don’t take it too seriously. It’s an incredibly unserious show with lines that inspire cackling. From Scott earnestly telling an enraged Jackson “My mom buys the groceries” when the latter confronts him over suspected steroid usage to Derek Hale’s extra ass entrances, pulling a Batman as he scares the hell out of the teenagers in Beacon Hills.
Watching Teen Wolf with an actual teenager is kind of hilarious. Meems isn’t a newbie to urban fantasy - she’s seen every single Julie Plec vampire project - but this is her first time watching Teen Wolf. Because she knows the tropes and tricks, she’s leapfrogging ahead and guessing plot points. Because she’s almost the same age as the characters in the show… she’s like “okay but teenagers are not this silly”. Watching Teen Wolf with Meems means that I get to explain fandom history and talk to her about the things that were important to us over a decade ago when we were in the fandom.
So far, so good.
In the United States you can watch Teen Wolf on Amazon Prime Video and on Hulu.
What I'm Listening To: The Sandman on Audible
The Sandman | Official Audible Trailer
The Sandman | Official Audible Trailer
I have always loved The Sandman.
As an edgy baby emo in hot and humid South Florida, I was obsessed with the worlds and characters that Neil Gaiman created. I took out the Sandman graphic novels every few weeks from my local library and one of the few things I kept from my high school boyfriend long after our breakup was… The Sandman: Endless Nights. While I’m in-and-out with Gaiman now - mostly due to our time on Tumblr - he remains one of the most formative figures in my writing life.
I got into comic book audiobooks by way of Graphic Audio. They used to have audiobooks based off of novelizations like Greg Rucka’s No Man’s Land. With a full cast and sound effects, those audiobooks brought the comics to life in a way that we didn’t get even in movies or television shows.
The Sandman on Audible is incredible. It put a new fear of horror into Meems - who wound up listening to the book when I fell asleep during the day the other day. It put me in mind of Darkest Night, that binaural horror podcast from a few years ago? (Seriously, if you like brutal and disturbing horror, you need that show in your ears.) James McAvoy plays Morpheus, Michael Sheen is Lucifer, Kat Dennings is Death… there are a ton of familiar voices when it comes to the stars of this audiobook. GOSH.
Whether you’re a new fan of The Sandman or an old one, you should give the audiobooks a chance. There’s nothing like listening to a new interpretation of an old favorite, that’s for sure! If you’re interested in listening to the audiobook for yourself, head on over to Audible to listen!
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I spend a lot of time watching shows, listening to music, and reading as I work. Every week, come take a journey with me through the media that holds my attention when writing... might not.

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