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What's Stitch Into This Week
What's Stitch Into This Week - Issue #1
By stitch • Issue #1 • View online

What I'm Reading: I Swear I Won't Bother You Again
I’ve been reading a ton of reincarnation-focused webtoons thanks to Tapas. I picked up the manga I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again, a manga published in English from Seven Seas Entertainment by Reina Soratani and Haru Haurukawa, without actually knowing what it was about. I didn’t realize it was actually one of my favorite tropes until I had started reading it.
In this manga - based off of a novel that Seven Seas also publishes - main character Violette reawakens a year into her past after being sentenced to imprisonment following her attempt to murder her half-sister Maryjune in a fit of passion. When she wakes up in the past, she decides that she’s going to do things differently (a staple of the trope, mind you) and she won’t repeat the mistakes that her previous self did.
No more bullying Maryjune. No more chasing the prince all around their private school. No more selfishness - on the scale of her past self. Instead, Violette decides that she’s going to speedrun past her life and make her way into the nearest nunnery. With clarity that comes from being yeeted back in time, Violette is determined to have a better life than before.
The problem is that her change in attitude doesn’t go the way she wanted. Instead of people overlooking Violette now that she’s stepping back and trying to push Maryjune into the spotlight… even more eyes are on her. People who saw her as a nuisance in the previous life are intrigued by her more ladylike poise and the prince in particular is confused by the fact that she’s no longer chasing him.
I love reincarnation/second chance stories because it’s always very interesting to see what people do next. Sometimes, the villainess gets her second chance of life and plans to do things smarter (like in The Abandoned Bride) but mostly? The villainess or the wounded bride decides to try and live a life unburdened by hardship. Violette is a villainess who balances both aspects. She still hates Maryjune because of what her younger half-sister represents (especially when it comes to the father that mistreated her but is adoring of Maryjune), but she also recognizes that privilege plays a huge part in how she viewed her younger sister. And her reawakening means that other people in her life who she didn’t see because she was focused on punishing her sister? Well, they get a new chance at being main characters in their own right!
If you like heroines that grow but still have a little bit of bite to them… check out I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! Seven Seas carries both the manga (with two volumes out) and the light novel series.
What I'm Watching: Remarriage and Desires
Remarriage & Desires | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]
Remarriage & Desires | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]
I have never been angrier at a villain in my life. In Remarriage and Desires, Romance Is A Bonus Book’s Jeong Eu-gene plays the most infuriating villain that I’ve ever seen in over a decade of watching Korean dramas. Her villainess, Jin Yoo-hee, is shameless, merciless, and cruel in a way that still leaves me chilled. At no point across the eight-episode limited series (that ends in a way that makes me suspect we’ll be getting a spin-off or sequel) does Yoo-hee go “perhaps I was wrong”. Everything she does - and god does she do a lot - she believes was done for the right reasons and there’s no way that she could ever be wrong.
Across the series, Tomorrow‘s Kim Hee-sun plays Seo Hye-seung, a tragic former-housewife that keeps coming up against Yoo-hee… mostly because Yoo-hee won’t leave her the hell alone. Yoo-hee is reminiscent of stalkers I have had, people who haunt your every move and when you tell them to leave you alone or point out that they’re stalking you, go “leave me alone, you bully”. In fact, across the series, Yoo-hee repeatedly accuses Hye-seung of stalking her and defaming her… even when we’ve all just watched her do that herself.
There’s a romance element to this drama as well, something that I didn’t expect considering that the first episode begins on a rather tragic note: with the unfortunate death of Hye-seung’s husband… who’s revealed to have a rather inappropriate relationship with Yoo-hee, his subordinate at their legal firm. With that kind of opening, even though marriage company Rex is a core component of the series from the start, I didn’t expect there to be any real romance? But there was and it was mostly satisfying!
Meems, my little niece, was with us for a month both for emotional support and because she’s my much-missed baby so watching Remarriage and Desires was actually her idea. Meems watches a lot of “rich people dramas” like Graceful Family and The Penthouse so this drama was right up her alley. I have a notoriously short attention span so I was worried that this drama would lose me quickly… we watched six episodes in one night, closing out at about 3 in the morning.
The plot is stunning and distressing, the gaslighting makes me want to strike a match, and Yoo-hee is a villain that you’ll want to fight the entire time.
Beyond the female leads, Mine’s Lee Hyun-wook does an excellent job as ridiculously wealthy exec Lee Heong-joo. Taxi Driver’s Cha Ji-yeon plays Choi Yoo-seon, the manipulative head of Rex. Park Hoon, who’ll be on the upcoming drama Big Mouth, plays Cha Seok-jin, someone from Hye-seung’s past who wants to become a part of her present. There are loads of other familiar faces across the drama’s eight episode rollout and tons of drama and intrigue.
You can watch Remarriage and Desires over on Netflix:
Watch Remarriage & Desires | Netflix Official Site
What I'm Listening To: Jack in the Box
Jack In The Box - Album by j-hope | Spotify
J-Hope’s first album (following his 2018 mixtape Hope World) is everything I could’ve wanted from him. It’s a short album at ten tracks that come up to about 22 minutes, but it is an album that I want to have on all the time. Hobi did an incredible job with this album and there’s so much I can and want to say about this album…
So it’s probably convenient that I have already talked about the album on my podcast, huh!
Stitch and Lala Unpack Jack In The Box - Stitch Talks Ish | Podcast on Spotify
If you’re interested in learning more about this album, start with J-Hope in his own words:
j-hope ‘Jack In The Box’ Album Interview
j-hope ‘Jack In The Box’ Album Interview
And then move on to the Rolling Stone feature and their review!
As I type this, J-hope is currently on his way to Chicago to prepare for his run headlining the final day of Lollapalooza. If you have Hulu, you’ll be able to tune into the exclusive livestream at no additional cost. I also think (assume) that intrepid ARMY will do their own livestream thing for folks who don’t live in the US and can’t get Hulu without VPN access!
Lollapalooza on Twitter:
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