Steward Quarterly Highlights

By Steward Asset Management - Institutionalizing Anchor Investing

Steward Quarterly Highlights

Steward Quarterly Highlights

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Steward Quarterly Highlights 3rd Quarter 2022

Porsche is providing a ray of hope to the IPO doldrums. Blockbuster IPOs have been scarce in 2022 following disappointments from last year's frothy issues, many of which fell short of anticipated growth and earnings. The appetite of institutional public equit…


Steward Special Edition

Steward Asset Management is pleased to share the latest edition of Fund Flow: Filling Investor Needs with host Jon Finger, Partner of McGuire Woods. He is joined by Sheryl Mejia, Managing Partner at Steward Asset Management, to discuss what spurred the creati…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 2nd Quarter 2022

Over the quarter, headlines have emphasized systematic risks, notably the shuttering of the IPO window, heightened inflation concerns and geopolitical instability. The unusual post-pandemic economy is managing many distortions at the same time. The San Franci…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 1st Quarter 2022

PacingThe Ukraine-Russia conflict is testing a complex web of geopolitical, financial, cyber, energy and mining relationships. This fragility builds on the already supply-constrained inflationary environment putting pressure on interest rates and continued su…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 4th Quarter 2021

We celebrate our shared resilience in 2021 and the expanding set of opportunities in 2022. Happy Holidays.


Steward Quarterly Highlights 3rd Quarter 2021

Reopening continues to fuel expectations of an earnings recovery, evidenced by public market multiples and the boom in IPO issuances. This backlog stems from decades of private capital enabling companies to remain private longer. The world’s largest instituti…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 2nd Quarter 2021

A convergence of changes is altering the investing landscape. It is our pleasure to share some of our mid-year themes along with visibility into the US Middle Market. We highlighted many of these themes during the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's Investor Forum…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 1st Quarter 2021

The Dawn of 2021 brought a resurgence of deal-making that began at the end of 2020. While commitments moderated during the pandemic, 2020 goes on the record as the third-largest year for private equity capital raising. The worrisome froth has been tempered by…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 4th Quarter 2020

Staying the Course in 2020 — We witnessed a pandemic, an impeachment trial, a bear market, a recession, a bull market, a racial justice movement, and a contentious presidential election. Thanks to investors, advocates, and our real and virtual communities, we…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 3rd Quarter 2020

Building momentum in the heart of innovation, the US middle market, is being strengthened by creative solutions and aligned public-private partnerships.Sector expertise is at a premium to navigate post-Covid-19 opportunities and execute revised business plans…


Steward Quarterly Highlights 2nd Quarter 2020

Excerpts from our conversations during this unprecedented quarter… “Essential” Defined. While business attire hung deep in the closet through months of sheltering in place, innovation accelerated secular changes with a focus on essential services — condensing…