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Steve Harmon - World Without Google?

What if I told you that Google could (possibly) be disrupted for $10 million? A world without Google,

Steve Harmon

November 14 · Issue #11 · View online
Beyond the hype, inside the world of venture capital, tech, stocks and trends, from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, from veteran investor and entrepreneur Steve Harmon - followed by many leaders in finance and tech, see more:

What if I told you that Google could (possibly) be disrupted for $10 million? A world without Google, you ask? I have seen a way it could be done. This is the kind of thing that every venture investor drools over.

I have been in the web industry since 1994. Before Google. Before Amazon. Before eBay. Before PayPal. And way before Facebook.
At that time I had created a think tank (via online forum) of technologists, researchers and entrepreneurs (before that term was hijacked). Some of you on my current email list were there then also. Some of the members were Vint Cerf (created TCP/IP), Ted Leonsis (AOL when it was king), Jerry Yang (Yahoo co-founder), John Doerr (investor behind Amazon and Google), and many more. 50 total.
Having created that online “think tank” my role as leader of it was to analyze, digest, figure things out, put together pieces that many didn’t see in the puzzle.
Now 25 years on I have done this tens of thousands of times. Companies. Stocks. Venture capital. Technologies. My understanding of digital space is vast.
I led an investment in a company that Google acquired and now generates $18 billion a year in revenue for Google. Other smaller companies I have advised sold to Google also. I have nothing against Google.
But the laws of digital space do. Google exploited these laws for scale, virality, growth, revenue, etc. As does every other company online.
Google can be displaced, disrupted 100%. Its entire business could be imploded. I don’t think Google will read this and be worried. In fact, it’s much easier if it just dismisses this. 
Not a given that there's a Google as it is today
Not a given that there's a Google as it is today
The thing about it is that after 20 years of Google the company cannot change. Even Michael Jordan couldn’t switch to baseball after basketball.
Google generates about $100 BILLION revenue per year. It would be ironic if a $10 million start up beat it…yet historians of the web (and ancient Greece) know that Achilles had a heel and David had a sling.
At this point I am actually fielding interest from a billionaire and others. My debate is if this change in the web that I am contemplating is the BEST thing for humans or not. I am not driven by money, greed, etc.
Will keep you posted. If I do this it will be through my incubator
Peace out,
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