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Steve Harmon Report - Keep It Real

A no holds barred look at tech stock leaders

Steve Harmon

April 23 · Issue #3 · View online
Beyond the hype, inside the world of venture capital, tech, stocks and trends, from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, from veteran investor and entrepreneur Steve Harmon - followed by many leaders in finance and tech, see more:

A no holds barred look at tech stock leaders

Stock, my short take:
Facebook (FB) - played out. Copying Snapchat for growth. Every company has its ‘Microsoft moment’ when it turns to copying a rival’s features. User growth seems stagnant. Trading FB users into Instagram users isn’t growth. It’s user shifting.
Twitter (TWTR) - no growth, no clear vision. Useful tool for companies. Stagnant.
Snapchat (SNAP) - Owned the teen market. Not sure any more if it can last. Hormones change and kids may see it as “uncool” when the new artificial, rainbow-flavored sugary drink hits Starbucks. Sugar highs can do that to teens you know. Snapchat is being invaded by parents in a repeat of what ruined Facebook for teens. Nobody wants a digital babysitter.
Salesforce (CRM) - corraled into a corner of the cloud world. Limiting itself more than anything else. Everyday the Oracles of the world catch up. Clouds are no longer unique. I think Amazon probably ends up buying it.
Google (GOOG) - Alphabet or whatever new name they have. Many of its products are average. Used to be a wow factor but now more middle of the road. Example: Try finding an email in Gmail. I’ll check back with you tomorrow when you (if you) find it.  Another? Google Voice. What should have taken over voice is a convoluted mess and poor user experience end to end. Google has become Yahoo.
Apple (AAPL) - iPhone. Still. All the rest of the stuff it’s working on are bets on what if. Amazon and Google are beating it in the “home spying” (I mean home audio device market). Apple could do a lot more than it’s doing. The opportunities are there but the strategic approach isn’t.
Alibaba (BABA) - supposed to be the 'Amazon killer’ but found out that the US market isn’t interested in buying bulk goods from China. China is a good market for it.
Overall, these stocks seem out of reach of average investors. Even a SNAP which popped into public view in the multi-billion value range. The “prove it” factor is missing.


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